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There are only a few hours left before the Artifact is released. What do you need to know about the game? | Artifact

On the night of November 29, Valve will release Artifact – the first major release of the company since Dota 2. The game is intended to revive the KKI and establish a new line of cybersport competitions in this genre. Beta testers got it for the first time about a year ago, but soon everyone will be able to try Artifact. Tell us that you need to know about the Valve card game before it launches.

Gaming Artifact deals with Richard Garfield. In 1997, he created Magic: The Gathering. MTG became the first collectible card game in history, it was inspired by the creators of other similar projects. There are still new card sets that affect the cost of old releases, and players still participate in tournaments.

The original MTG is considered a difficult game, and Garfield's experience in creating it has been transferred to Artifact. According to the developer, in his new project, even the death of the hero is not always a bad outcome of the round. More about his views on the loss of heroes can be read through the link.

Richard Garfield (left) at the MTG 2012 tournament

Richard Garfield (left) at the MTG 2012 tournament

Garfield is working on Artifact in conjunction with Valve, the game's events take place in the Dota 2 universe. November 27, developers released the first plot comic book, which introduced the fans with the fraction "Treasury House". Its members influence the fate of the world with the help of magic cards. Thus, each batch in Artifact is another battle of the heroes in Dota 2.

Earlier, Valve did not say whether the events in Artifact would affect events in Dota 2. However, the developers later reported that the second comic book, which should come closer to the release of the game, will launch a chain of events that will "change the world forever" Dota. " At the moment, the second comic has not yet been published.

Unlike Dota 2, the names of the heroes and objects will be localized in the Artifact. Because of this, in the game appeared the Absorber of the Vermeer, the Knight of All-Knight, the Sea Thirand and the Iggloriv, ​​and in their arsenal now there is the Ring of Tarraska and the Prickly Armor. Once again, the translators of the Strategic Music studio, who were enthusiastic about the adaptation of individual names, made a similar mistake.

Interestingly, Valve has already started working on Russian-speaking voiceover in Dota 2 and refused to translate their own names. There, the characters still call each other Omniknight and Outworld Devourer, and it is unclear whether the developers are planning to bring the two games into a single format in the future.

You can play Artifact after 00:00 Moscow time on the night of November 28th. Pre-loading is already available. The installed game weighs about 4 GB, downloadable installation file – 1.8 GB. The closed beta test game started at the beginning of 2018, so the developers have already made many changes to Artifact. The last patch came out on November 27, you can read more about it here.

In Russia, the Artifact costs 1,390 rubles. For this amount you will receive a digital copy of the game, 10 sets of cards, 5 entrance tickets and 2 ready decks. They will be needed for different styles: red-green – fight, black and blue – control. They can already be seen on the site of the game. The battle deck is available here, the other is by the link.

Each has nine card items and 40 other cards, including heroes, buildings and spells. The same conditions will be put before you when you decide to collect a personal deck: not less than 49 cards, including at least nine items. In addition, the log is forbidden to take more than three identical cards. All cards of the heroes should be unique – to take a user's match two Luna will not work.

You will receive new cards in two ways: open in sets or buy. After acquiring the game you will receive ten sets. In each – 12 random cards from the first series "Call of Battle", among which will necessarily be a hero, two objects and at least one card of the highest rarity. After that, additional sets can be bought for 135 rubles. or win in competitive modes.

Individually, the card can be bought at the trading floor. It is impossible to pass them outside of it, through the exchange of Steam items, but on the site of the game it is indicated that this is a temporary measure. The cost of cards on the trading floor is set by the users, so before the game is released, the prediction of the cost of the most rare cards is impossible. At the moment, the most valuable of all is the Blink Dagger card – beta testers sell it for 257 rubles. In the topa there are also three heroes – Legion Commander, Luna and Sorla Khan. The cheapest cards are worth three rubles.

According to the developers, Artifact does not have to invest money, although during the beta test players complained to the contrary. For example, one of the first commentators of the Artifact in the CIS told about such a problem Aleksey Lex Filippov. He soon explained that after the interview, developers added a free Phantom Draft mode in which players can try new maps. True, the information on the game site diverges with the words Lex – where phantom drafts refers to paid modes.

However, in such modes it is possible to play without unnecessary expenses. Tickets that are needed to participate in them, from the start, will be possible not only to buy, but also to get by redefining unnecessary cards. For 20 cards you will be given one ticket, which will allow you to play in expert mode and receive new sets for reward. If you decide to buy tickets for money, it can be done for 320 rubles. (a set of five tickets).

The developers have already told about the awards for participating in expert regimes, but this information may still change. For one ticket you can play in the phantom drafts, which Lex spoke, as well as in the ranking match with personal logs. The rewards in them depend on success. So, in three wins you can get a new ticket; for four tickets and a set of cards, and for five consecutive victories the player will be awarded with two sets of cards and a ticket.

In a special mode of complete transfer you can play two tickets and five sets of cards. In it for three wins you will receive two tickets and a set of cards, for four – two sets and two tickets, and for five – two tickets and three sets of cards. In addition, you can keep all the cards you choose to create a deck in this mode – this is another 60 cards.

Log collection mode

Log collection mode

In each mode, the player will have two lives – after the second defeat you will lose the ticket and the right to play further.

With the start of the game, another temporary mode – "Call of Battle" – will be launched. There will be only one life in it. He was used for demonstration matches at PAX.

Free modes also look interesting. In addition to training and games with a bot that can be assembled by any deck, classic matchmaking is also available. He selects pairs by the number of victories and by MMR. The developers noted that the selection of equal opponents will be fairly conditional – you will come across players of different levels.

In addition, the tournament will be available from the start of the game, in which all users will be able to set the rules for the tournament and invite all those wishing to join it. Currently, prizes are disabled in this mode. The developers noted that after the release, they plan to add other free modes.

Valve has already hosted the first tournament on the game, which was attended by famous cyber-wrestlers from other disciplines. The champion became a Swede Joel heffaklumpen Larson, which in the final beat Spanish Miguel Mogwai Guerrero Leon.

Larson at the Artifact tournament

Larson at the Artifact tournament

Larson is one of the most successful players in Magic: The Gathering; At the tournament he was called, including as an analyst. His rival has previously participated in the Gwent and Hearthstone tournaments.

The prize fund of the competition was $ 10 thousand, but its main task was to introduce the public with Artifact. The task can hardly be called fulfilled – on the first day the audience base has almost reached 90 thousand. man, but the final saw only 20 thousand

However, already in early 2019 Valve plans to raise rates and hold a tournament with a prize pool of more than a million dollars. Its dates, participants, and format are not yet known. Once such an initiative enabled the Dota 2 to take off and launched a chain of events that made cybersport so popular. The company also promised to arrange The International by Artifact.

Another tournament operator was WePlay. She will hold a series of tournaments, the first of which will begin on December 29th. The champion of the qualifying tournament heffaklumpen, streamer will take part in it Vladislav SilverName Sinotov and others. The prize pool will be $ 10,000.

Many cybersport organizations have believed in Artifact and have already signed players. Yes, there are already units on KKI, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, CompLexity Gaming, Team Liquid and EHOME. For VP will play Artem DrHippi Kravets, Oljas Naiman Batyrbekov and Maria harleen kobzar – former players in Hearthstone. Other clubs have so far chosen one representative for the new discipline – they also previously performed at HS or Gwent.

What are the prospects for the game, it's difficult to understand. At the moment, only Valve and WePlay have announced plans for tournaments. However general manager VP Roman Dvoryankin sure that the game can shoot. His opinion is shared by Stepan Shulga. Gabe Newell himself, meanwhile, confined himself to commenting that Artifact is a very deep game.

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