Sunday , January 29 2023

The voice of a whispered voice spread out Prima Dunn's heart-sick heart doctor


Alla Borisovna was horrified by Instagram subscribers with the voice of "family style yummy", allowing the next speculation about her pre-inflammatory condition.

While Max Galkin travels to the United States, young Harry and Liz young people are happy with their joyful roller coasters by age. Alla Pugacheva resumed social activity to show "family food", that is, a common meal.

"My mother's favorite sandwiches", inspired by the USSR People's Artist, warning the fan.

A very strange voice drove primordial painful heart. Everything is so obvious that even Harry was temporarily confused when he heard the mother's alarming note, the doctor observed. Pugatchov sits in a relaxed home, almost completely calm, but Alla Borisovna breathes a little bit. Any newbie doctor will say that wheezing is a symptom of serious heart problems, especially a pre-inflammatory condition, and everyone has long been aware of Prima donna heart disease, which ended in three operations.

"And how can one go for a concert tour in this country? Pugachev and one song is not enough", – the excited fans.

Optimistic supporters do not try to call the sound, as well as Instagram facts. Galkin would not have left a seriously ill spouse who was not sick, because only a week ago, Alla Borisovna danced on Alisher's rock clip.

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