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The most seductive lovers on the zodiac signs »News of Ukraine. Latest news of the day || Vesti-UA

When a woman is in search of that unique, she is sometimes blinded by his manners and caresses, not realizing his true intentions. Professional Casanov are not dormant, and are ready to put aside the vigilance of any woman, using her personal details of a woman's man on her, writes Details.

Women are mistaken and often fall under his charm, guided only by his intuition. But to prevent this from happening with a beautiful half, the astrologers made the Kazan rating, which masterfully screw up their heads to any woman, without much thinking about the consequences.


The main seducer on a stellar sky. He masterfully seduces and tempts, so it is impossible to resist before him. His secular capabilities seem limitless. The magnetism and masculine attractiveness leave no choice but to succumb to it. It is common for him to take an interest in the opposite sex, so he places his irrepressible secular energy in an intimate relationship. He knows exactly where erogenous zones are located and how to make them enjoy their partner.

His fantastic intuition allows you to anticipate all the wishes of your partner, no matter how sophisticated they are. Beginning with the sign of intimate relationships, one has to prepare for the fact that women expect a dizzying romance with violent clarification of relationships. Given that this representative is too jealous, he will not miss the opportunity to constantly blame his partner for infidelity. Although he himself is not afraid to tie another romance on the side. He likes to experiment and engage in seccos in a variety of places. It is not every woman who can sustain such a head of passion.


The main competitor of Scorpio in the seduction of the female. He is so passionate that his condition is quite capable of being passed on to his partner. He is capable of igniting and simultaneously expelling his partner. His main feature is to act as a conqueror, otherwise the game will not become so interesting to him. He gets the true pleasure of seducing and conquering the object of his passion. His straightforwardness and frankness often caught off guard by women, and he actively uses it.

He employs his sexual fantasies in a game with his partner, bringing her to the peak of madness. Signs prefer to be the dominant link, but not obey. They choose their partner with a similar temperament, so that they could also ignite them in bed and give true pleasure. If such a woman does not conform to his rules on the bed of love, he begins to look similar on the side. In sophisticated manners and in the art of seduction, he has no equal, after all the famous lover of all time Kazan was born exactly under this sign.


Lover of royal blood. Its sufficient attractiveness is causing a constant interest in women. In the process of courting, the sign demonstrates all of its best features from generosity to courtesy. He fills the attitude with the partner on a holiday, and with pleasure gives her minutes of pleasure. The sign is able not only to surprise your skillful knowledge, but also to apply it at the right moment. The best reward for their person in an intimate date is to admire and endorse all their actions. A cascade of compliments can spur them and excite them, calling for new bed feats.

In their bed, these signs praise their queen and do everything in order to guess all her cherished desires. Though she is so in an impulse of passion, she feels desirable and adorable.

These signs tend to constantly admire their body and all the actions that occur when they participate in bed. They do this successfully with mirror-mounted in-bedroom or video-taking. In an intimate relationship, they usually choose the dominant role.


A lover with virtuoso paintings. Their secular energy is always filled up to the edges. In bed with him is never boring, because he is always playful and cheerful. He adores the female sex and will never miss a charmer. He tends to stay in love adventures constantly, changing one partner to another. And when the relationship is exhausted, he will leave without difficulty one woman to start a love story on the other.

He loves experiments and flames with passion for gambling. His improvisations are sometimes astonishing, but he so correctly applies his secular practices, which in his skill can not be doubted. He is ready for new achievements in terms of intimate issues and is trying his next passions to prove his perfection.

This sign can not pretend and complex. His relaxed atmosphere allows any woman to reveal themselves and feel at the peak of bliss.


Venus himself ordered to become skilled lovers. Their natural sexuality becomes a magnet for women. The aesthetic ability of the sign allows you to enjoy beauty and perfection, so they teach their partners. Do not tolerate proceedings, scandals and quarrels. Try your companion to deliver the maximum comfort when meeting.

They know the meaning of romantic words, the more they can whisper at the right time. They build their partner on the pedestal of the goddess, wrapping her with the aura of worship.

And even at the natural level, they do not have sufficient amount of indomitable energy, but they have increased sensitivity and know all the zones that can bring a woman pleasure. For them, the most important thing in bedding is to give your partner a lot of impressions from the time spent.


A typical representative of ladies' holidays. Their artistic nature allows them to apply their flirtation at a time when they feel that they need to take an impregnable fortress. They are ready to descend to non-standard deeds, only to pay attention to their person. They quickly light up a new partner, and at the same speed they cool off. And after a while they will start to twist a new novel, easily forgetting about the old one.

In their appearance, the features of the angel and the devil are intertwined, therefore such a cocktail magically acts on the female floor. Adore watching erotic movies, and all the moments you see are transferred to your bed. Larger experimenters and aesthetes with a heightened fantasy. Without prior affection, never begin their intimate pranks. Know all the secrets about how to alternate between passion and pressure. They will never be bored with them, because they come up with a new version of bedding every time.

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