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The faster we adapt to the lawn, the better the game will be –

Oleksandr Khatskevich said that his players have no more experience playing synthetic overlays.

Alexander Khatskevich, FC Dynamo Kiev

Alexander Khatskevich, FC Dynamo Kiev
November 28, 2018, 18:11

Dinamo chief coach Alexander Khatskevich answered the questions of journalists, which was on the eve of Astana, in the European League.

– How will the game affect the fact that the outside temperature is lower than zero and the heat inside the arena?

– Of course, it would be harder for us to play in the cold, and the 15 is a fairly comfortable temperature in football, especially since there is no wind, the field is even. In general, I think the field will be even bigger.

– What is your opinion of a lawn, who will have to play?

– Each synthetic grass has its own specifics. We usually do not have much experience in artificial turf games, although last year we played two games with Young Boys – the first game was unsuccessful, and the other was better because we were adjusting. The same thing will happen tomorrow: the sooner we adjust the lawn, the better the game will be.

– Astana has become Kazakhstan's champion ahead of schedule, and there is currently no official match. How can this benefit you?

– Astana took part in European competitions not the first year, as last year, and this year the situation was the same, so they knew how to prepare. I do not think that we will have the advantage that the opponent does not have conciliation practices and we have a good form. We can only think about it. And everything will be decided tomorrow on the football field.

– What is Nikita Burda's situation? How ready is he to enter the field from the first minutes?

– Only yesterday he worked with us in the general group, and before that he was involved individually. Today will continue the training that will be his test character. Of course, a lot will depend on the synthetic peculiarities: how he will feel the state of his muscles. Therefore, the answer to your question will only be clear after today's class.

– What football do you expect tomorrow – open or close?

– We started to make our game different, depending on the strengths of our players. I do not know the teams that went out and played to stand out, everyone is trying to win.

– What do you think is the most dangerous player in Astana?

– They have a rather experienced attack group, players complement each other. There are strong, more technical players. The danger can come from any player – both in attack and in standard positions, it is a modern soccer norm.

Game Astana – Dynamo will be held on Thursday, November 29th. The meeting starts at noon. 17:50 after Kiev time.

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