Monday , October 18 2021

The dollar is rising after the release of positive economic data


Cfnc: 19:00 mif: right vision, sphinya)
19:02 Stats: Cfnc (18:56), what are you talking about?
… Sta story: I beg forgiveness. I've missed.

Cfnc: Olezek immediately understood and understood

Sta Stage: Cfnc (19:07), Norm. =)

mif: okhinkalilsya, morel?)

Avatar: aha rising dollar rate)

mif: The Dollar Is Selling Rumors For Spinal Alienation

ovody: mif (19:00) that Sfine is already drunk like a pig)) What is its scope? ))

Sta Stage: Avatar (19:10)
15 minutes and European markets are coming out. buy euro for beer. no more =)

radio_kat: carts, or even suspiciously silent sennya … = Friday? Put the salad that is closer to the hammer ..))

lilies: radio operator_Kat (19:55), are you looking for energy? )

radio_kat: lilit (20:03), I don't eat sho current .. by the way, lisonn)) = and the person who it is is the fruit of murder or not?

lilies: radio operator_Kat (20:06), chicken abortion

radio_kat: lilit (20:08), well .. let's go on the other side. = Do we have eggs on the table? having regard to the statements by the ghost that those who have the status are not expected to obtain the results of the murder.
yaky chavchav does?))

lilies: radio operator_Kat (20:06), check the combination "SN" !!!
reel on buzz, collective farmers apply "chn"

lilies: radio operator_Kat (20:10), rare, Toko pancakes, but it's one or two a year.
Not more often and then the island of Chicago will not get standard, well, understand))

lilies: radio operator_Kat (20:10), there is no egg on the table.

How otkocherivat the following table?
I don't buy alcohol on the spot))

Cfnc: mif (19:09),
Sit quietly. I'm in the club

muesli: Damn Dilemma – You Need To Lose Weight Against Oil And Then 130 Kg And You Need To Get Into The Traditional Ruble In Spring For Naye **. only in a row so that the oil does not accumulate and do not get currency purchases for the ruble.

muesli: 20:29 Cfnc: Yen is pure Arashukov and Kandelaki

dan777: Good evening for everyone. bagati vechar

dan777: Muslims (20:31), Arashukov is nothing open. if the labor equivalent is Arauks. this is a priori

dan777: Just Eliminate Your Ungrateful Business. they were and will be

dan777: If they don't – wait or misfortune or general happiness. hb knew what was worse

dan777: It's just life

dan777: dan777 (20:38), it's not easy to eradicate – it's generally beneficial

dan777: Mother's Dialectic

muesli: 20:46 dan777: I'm not mistaken for this place. I do not know and you will not be judged that I have been more injured, how people from Arashukov began to baptize I was a friend, and now you see, we do not know
Here is the glory of the world

dan777: and Kagavar Emperor's Stereotype

muesli: 20:55 dan777: Yes, there are funerals and birds

dan777: Muslims (20:54), I'm sure Arashukov has a few friends in Kabardino-Balkaria. Yes, and Karachay-Cherkessia, about the same.

dan777: muesli (20:57), around – people

mif: Cfnc (20:29), a glass club, a messy guy? Are you fascinated by honor?)

mif: radio operator_Kat (19:55), will you force the bride again?)

mif: radio operator_Kat (19:55), will you force the bride again?)

dan777: between people, by the way, to the minimum trains and wrecks, otherwise people would not call them traitors and fouls

dan777: mif (20:59), Onor has the honor of Polish

dan777: dan777 (21:02) or English. does not matter

mifdan777 (21:02)
as the poet Nekrasov said
where is the honor of the guitar?

dan777: mif (21:04) so ​​it was. now – take the race from n ***.

then it will be worse – give honor to the n *** race.

at the beginning was a word

muesli: 21:01 dan777: In Russia, dust per square meter exceeds the limit.

mif: muesli (21:14) and there are special, "prayed" places like: hunting line, big Dmitrovka.

dan777: If I don't have homophobia. Your parents gave you an ass, or they gave you an ass-velkom. don't try to dump. as they say.

dan777: muesli (21:14), let me disagree.

dan777: Russians at least times ***, but vice versa – in the final ** ut. and dry

Stoik: When Chaika arrived at the Federation Council Tribunal and announced that they were now arrested, everyone rushed to the exit, including Matvienko …
… and only Arashukov remained sedentary, he didn't know Russian.
He was detained.
p / s
Just read it. I liked it.

dan777: Stoik (21:23) as topical

dan777: It's Yuzhuali

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