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The capture of Ukrainian seamen – Moskalkova, accused of detention


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According to Gritsenko, the Russian Ombudsman tries to politicize the case

Photo: (archive)

Photo: (archive).

POW Ukrainian sailor accused Moskalkov of provocations




According to Gritsenko, the Russian Ombudsman tries to politicize the case

Ukrainian War Prisoner Denis Gritsenko, who is held at the Moscow Prison Detention Center (SIZO) in Lefortovo, complained about the provocation of Tatar Moskalkov, the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation.

It was written on Friday, February 1, by lawyer Nikolai Polozov on his Facebook page.

Gritsenko talked about the actions of the Russian Ombudsman when Polozov, together with Vladimir Muzyukin, attended SIZO.

"A week ago, the Ombudsman, Moskalkova, arrived in the chamber at Gritsenko. From the very beginning she asked, "Well, did you (sailors) stop there?" ”, Especially in this provocative form. – said the lawyer.

Polozov added that the seaman had no complaints about his health.

"Being in a cell [Гриценко] doing physical exercises, keeps themselves in shape … In addition to physical education, Denis ordered books in the library and reads a lot, " – he said.

According to him, Gritsenko is kept in an old building with no hot water.

Polozov added that letters from relatives were not handed over to the Ukrainian sailor, but the other letters were "disturbed".

Recall, on November 25, 2018, Russia bombed the Ukrainian naval force "Nikopol" and "Berdyansk" artillery boats, as well as the road-maker tug "Yany Tomb" in the Kerch Strait. Vessels and crew were captured – 24 people. Six Ukrainians were injured. Later, all sailors were arrested in Crimean courts and brought to Moscow detention centers. In January they extended their arrest until 24 April.

Find out more about what happened in the Kerch Strait and about Kiev's reaction, read online today "Today": Ukrainian response to Russian aggression: Chronicle of online conflict.

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