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The APU succeeded and destroyed the battery

On Wednesday, January 30, in Donbass, the Russian occupation forces violated the ceasefire seven times, including three times the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

According to intelligence, two invaders were killed, three were seriously injured. Due to the Russian occupation forces' fraud, not one United Force soldier, the OOS press center informs.

Thus, in the area of ​​the Tactical Tactical Group "Vostok", our advocates were shot: from hand grenade launchers in the Pavlopola district; from gun guns and small arms – near the town of Marinka; from grenade launchers in the Novomikhaylovka settlement district.

Suspended battery of enemy mortar: APU succeeded in Donbah

The enemy built our positions in the area of ​​the North Tactical Tactical Group: from the 82 mm caliber of the Kryakovka settlement; from automatic grenade launchers, small arms and mortar on the Svobodny farm; 82 mm mortar – near the town of Popasnaya; Crimean settlements range from 82 mm caliber mortars and ZL-23-2 anti-aircraft weapons mounted on MTLB-U.

With skillful Ukrainian military action, the enemy mortar battery was suppressed, MTLB-U and airborne equipment were destroyed.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, former Ukrainian defenders destroyed the KamAZ military truck with enemy weapons and logistics equipment. Also during the dating, the enemy was discovered and destroyed in the direction of Dokuchayevsky.

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