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Test Drive Audi Q8: The Best Car of 2018?

Test Drive Audi Q8: The Best Car of 2018?

Even a report from the presentation of the Audi Q8 has brought a lot of views and comments: premium brand, interesting model, popular class, innovative technology. As a result, this autumn I took the Audi Q8 crossover for the test drive, trying to figure out its essence. So: Audi Q8 is really one of the best cars in the market of Ukraine or just a beautiful wrapper "for expensive"? You will find answers in this material.


The Audi Q8 model is the company's first entry into the class of dynamic "coupe" crossover. Nominally, the Audi Q8 does not have model predecessors. But it's ideological: the company links the Q8 with the Audi quattro model – the motors, the dynamic body style, the angle of the wide rear racks, the developed wheel arches. At the same time, the Audi Q8 is based on the latest generation of Audi Q7: platform, engine, transmission.

Recipe Audi Q8 – model style quattro plus the best technique from the arsenal Audi Q7 and Audi A8. The car debuted at the beginning of summer 2018 and at the end of summer already arrived in Ukraine.

The article presents a crossover Audi Q8 with turbo diesel 3.0 l 286 hp and numerous options. Other versions of the car will also be presented briefly, including the Audi Q8 S line (external and internal decoration, styling, options – see below in detail).

How is it going

Expensive, quiet, soft, cool. The Audi Q8 crossover provides striking comfort, even with 22-inch wheel disks and a profile of tires 40. All the same: there is no swing in the waves, the "trifle" dissolves in tires and pendants, large roughnesses and pits are refined, softly and very quietly. "Highest Comfort" – this is the main definition of the character Audi Q8. In this case, the crossover is also greatly controlled. He has small rolls, he rides "lightly flat". The steering is light, the reaction to the steering wheel turns – fast and accurate. In normal modes and with fast driving, the steering wheel may seem lightweight, but it's worth turning on the sport mode – and everything will come to its place: the steering wheel will become heavy, and the chassis will come together. As a result, the Audi Q8 can quite live in different worlds: comfortable, soft, quietly ride every day, or lets you "release pairs" with a dynamic ride.

The only remark concerns the engine shutdown by pressing the accelerator pedal at a sharp start: up to 2-2,500 RPM is a pause and a slow progression of the crankshaft. But as soon as the "Rubicon has been crossed" – the engine confidently demonstrates its strength: the thrust and power of the diesel V6 can easily cope with the 2.2-ton crossover, almost turning it into a "hot hatch". And what about a zipper at the start and low speeds … Firstly, there is a gasoline V6 on sale for 340 hp, and secondly, for sure, all remarks will be eliminated for the conditional Audi SQ8. In fact, before all, before us, the Audi Q8 is a premium crossover coupe for every day, not for a track.

It looks fresh, expensive, modern. The nature of the article is confident and dynamic: the motor provides high power and, it seems, an unlimited supply of traction, the "automatic" switches quickly and without the slightest curses. Sport mode does not allow you to get rid of delay at startup, but otherwise make the car a bit more dynamic in the sensations. The eco-mode allows you to not just ride a ride, but also turn off the engine on the go (see below). Although the main thing for Audi Q8 – it's still comfort and silence. By the way, the glass is two-layer. Even behind. On the crossover. With frameless windows. Bah! It exploded my brain from understanding how complex a solution is shown in these photographs. But, to the honor Audi, not the slightest excessive creak and squeak in the cabin.

What about off road? We will be realists: the maximum that is required from Audi Q8 – to drive through deep snow, to overcome a small mud, and to get under the primer to a private home. In general, the Audi Q8's capabilities for such a thing will suffice. First, the car on the pneumatic suspension allows you to noticeably lift the body and get 254 mm clearance. Secondly, there is an own mode for off-road driving: in this case, the automatic machine will not rush to switch up, the help system is activated when descending from the hill, etc. Finally, the third – full drive Audi Q8 is built on the basis of the differential Torsen, which is not afraid of overheating. The result is that the Audi Q8 can safely blow the autumn-winter mud, accelerating the autumn-winter depression by sliding the huge 5-meter body: first the heavy nose slides, but the trajectory of the car is easily corrected by gas and displacement of the rear axle. And it is also pleasing that even during the "running" ride on off-road with the maximum raised position of the body the suspension does not "break through", it still has a stock upward. Finally, when hanging the wheels the body retains its rigidity: it does not creak, the doors and trunk normally open / close.

Off road Audi Q8 gives exactly what you expect from it: primer, sand, snow, dirt "on the shoulder" – more and not required. The pneumatic suspension provides up to 254 mm clearance, there is a special off-road mode. It is a pity no separate buttons or a selector of adjustment of a clearance: everything is tied on driving profiles Audi drive select and already in the menu of this system you can find a virtual control button "pneumatic". But on the whole – a score.

That's the power of the Audi Q8: the car allows you to simply ride comfortably on business, accelerate your mood, overcome the primer in the woods – and all this without leaving the salon "luxury" class. Magnificent design and even better quality of finishing: not the slightest remark, comfortable comfortable seats with ventilation and massage, upscale leather, soft plastic, beautiful decor. Of course, the test car is equipped with almost everything that is possible for the Audi Q8; but I have seen (and give examples below) other versions of the Audi Q8 – and they create the impression is not worse.

The rear is expected to be spacious, even in spite of the coupe-like silhouette of the roof: after all, with a 3-meter wheelbase differently can not be, and even the dynamic canting of the rear racks begins after the zone where the heads of passengers are. Add to this 4-zone "climate" with additional ventilators, 3-stage seat heater, adjustment of the back angle and the possibility of shifting the second row forward / backward. It's just a pity that the adjustments of the second row of seats are manual – there are already asked electric ones. For example, for a huge boot, two electric actuators were made at once: not only the opening / closing of the cover, but also for folding / unfolding the trunk lid curtain.

Quality and style – here are two defining points in the cabin Audi Q8: great materials, thoroughness in every detail, neat design, which emphasizes colored illumination (with separate contours!). Front and rear sit comfortable and places with stock. The luggage carrier is huge (605 l), there are pockets of a grid, the car is able to squat at loading; but the underground is already occupied – "stock" and a subwoofer.

Are there any innovations?

For those who read a report from the presentation of the Audi Q8 and a review of the Volkswagen Touareg (if missed – be sure to look) the technology of the new Audi Q8 is generally familiar. Let me remind you briefly: the body of aluminum and high strength steels, the MLB Evo platform, independent suspensions "in a circle", adaptive shock absorbers or "pneuma" with the ability to change the clearance, the system of steering wheel with the rear wheels. As for the power unit – the 3.0-liter turbo-motors (gasoline or diesel), 8-st. AKF ZF 8HP-65A, permanent full drive quattro on the basis of self-locking differential Torsen. The "highlights" of the appearance are frameless doors and fully LED Audi Matrix HD LED with two rows of LEDs.

The car body is distinguished by the wide use of aluminum and high strength steels. The drive is always full, and the suspension is independent. But as elastic elements can be either shock absorbers and springs, or pneumatic cylinders. We have for Audi Q8 engines available V6 – the test vehicle was equipped with a turbo diesel engine with a urea injection system and a complex multicomponent exhaust system. The lights are always LED: either "near / far" light and the function of all-weather lighting (recognized by a pair of longitudinal lines of LEDs for running lights), or even more functional lights Matrix HD LED (they are recognized on the palisade of vertical "teeth").

However, on the rights of one of the brand's leaders, the crossover Audi Q8 has received a number of innovative technologies – it is evident that the creators relate to the Audi Q8 model with a special love. For example, independently of the V6 motor, large ventilated brakes are used: in the front there are discs in the size 375 x 36 mm, at the rear – discs in the size of 350 x 28 mm. Another example – the Audi Q8 is originally offered a progressive steering, and optionally available more sharp sport steering from the Audi SQ7.

There are changes under the hood: the engine is equipped with the MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) system, which includes a separate 48-volt network, an additional lithium-ion battery, a self-starter generator with belt drive for the main engine. This system "is able" to accumulate energy in motion, braking, and also restart the engine after stops. After all, from now on when driving in the "Eco" mode, not only automatic transmission is transmitted to a neutral transmission, but the engine is completely muted – that is, the car rolls on the "neutral" and with the engine switched off. But the slightest acceleration or, conversely, braking means turning on the internal combustion engine and the connection of the transmission: I confirm that the engine and transmission are switched on completely unnoticed by the senses, this can only be traced through the tachometer's indication. The MHEV system, according to Audi's assurances, saves 0.7 liters per 100 km.

Crossover Audi Q8 – As the "favorite brainchild" of the creators received the best performance in the range of the brand: the technology of "soft hybrid" and 48V network, progressive steering and rotary rear wheels, large ventilated brakes …

In addition, the Audi Q8 is characterized by innovative electronics. I often talk about adaptive "cruises", control of latitude, auto-braking, car chambers – and usually these systems are similar. But the crossover Audi Q8 takes a step forward, whose name is "Laser Adaptive Cruise Control."

Under two glossy boxes in the radiator grille of the test car, two radar sensors for an adaptive cruise are hidden at once: a traditional long-range radar and an innovative laser radar (do not confuse with the leader for emergency braking systems), which first appeared on the latest generation Audi A8. The first one is characterized by a good working range (up to 250 m), but not very large (35 degrees horizontally). The second – the laser – on the contrary: works at distances up to 80 m, but it offers a 145-degree view horizontally. Moreover, the wide viewing angle is achieved by rotating the mirror within the radar, while the laser beam itself is very narrow and precisely oriented: in fact, this mirror "sprays" the laser beam around itself, like a shower header that sprays water. In addition to the increased coverage, the laser radar also allows you to more precisely determine the type of object by scanning its shape and size – and this allows a more accurate assessment of the situation for decision-making.

Adaptive cruise control Audi Q8 uses not only the usual long-range radar, but also the laser sensor-radar. Among other systems of assistance to the driver – the control of the rowroom, which can independently level the car in its range, "intelligent" light, warning of the dangerous distance to the front of the car, night vision system with the function of people recognition, etc.

Finally, I will note the arrangement of the salon, multimedia, instrument panel. Initially, the Audi Q8 offers a panel of devices with traditional hand-held instruments and a 7-inch color display, plus a pair of touch screens on the center console: the top – the control of the audio system, the telephone connection, the settings of the car; bottom – climate control, heated and ventilated seats, etc. But as an option (as on a test car) you can order an advanced MMI Navigation plus system, which includes several items at a glance. First, an enlarged front panel display: a diagonal of 10.1 inches, navigation, the ability to form its own column of virtual buttons for access to frequently used functions, the ability to handwrite text while navigating. Secondly, in this case the LCD panel of Audi Virtual Cockpit devices will be installed: a 12.3 "display," painted "devices, the ability to deploy the navigation map to the full screen.

But all this description does not reveal the essence and simplicity that pleases in ordinary life. For example, there is a 2-zone "climate" from the front – how to synchronize its zones? Simply "pull" ("swipe") both painted chairs to the center of the display. How to turn on massage? There is a separate button on the end of the seat, the press of which automatically includes a massage and additionally displays the menu of control on the display: i.e. either immediately launch the previous massage program, or you can go to the detailed settings. How to change the radio station? Either with the buttons on the steering wheel or on the drawer curtain of the lower display – in this case the top display can be completely disconnected. Or here is another example: handwriting of the text well recognizes the letters – if you write them together or flush, if you write a word in a line or one letter over another … Finally, I will also note a round-up review with a three-dimensional effect: the car can be seen from the left, on the left / right, rotate and tilt the picture.

Atmosphere in the Audi Q8 cabin directly has three displays. Initially it seems that it's complicated and confusing, but then you understand that everything in your places – and you get used to it quickly. Yes, the displays should be wiped out, as well as the glossy insert in front of the passenger. The basic option – with the usual buttons on the central console and the usual devices. By the way, about the "base", equipment, equipment, prices …

Prices and competitors

The Crossover Audi Q8 is offered in Ukraine with a pair of 3-liter engines V6 (286 hp diesel or 340 hp gasoline), always with automatic transmission and a quattro full drive, the kit is available upon request. However, there is also a S line packet, which I will highlight below and describe separately. In total, we have four major versions, plus options for them.

Basic equipment Audi Q8 includes: fully LED headlamps (near / far), rear LED lights, 3-spoke steering wheel in the leather and with buttons, rear seat with 60/40 separate adjustment, 2-zone climate, spring suspension with adaptive Audi drive select system, front and side airbags, side curtain airbags, parktronic, Audi Sound System (10 speakers and 180 watts), multimedia system MMI radio plus (touch 8.8 inch display) plus MMI Touch (touchscreen) 8.6-inch display with handwriting input), Con роль давления в шинах, традиционные приборы плюс 7-дюймовый цветной дисплей для водителя, 19-дюймовые легкосплавные диски, ключ Keyless Go, электропривод крышки багажника, круиз-контроль, пр. Price Audi Q8: with gasoline engine – from 1.82 million UAH or $ 65 thousand, with diesel – from 2.05 million UAH or $ 73.5 thousand However, taking into account new laws, diesel versions may fall to the level of gasoline.

The next step is the S line version, which is a kind of "S-line styling packet": here the complete set is better, and some near-sport details are present. So, Audi Q8 in execution S line offers in addition to the "base": sporty front seats with electric drive settings, leather / alcantara seat upholstery, dark ceiling trim, matt aluminum trim, sport steering wheel, pneumatic suspension, S line for exterior (bumper, side panels, etc.), 21 -inch wheel disks, backlit covers with backlighting. Price Audi Q8 S line: gasoline – from 2.11 million UAH or $ 76 thousand, diesel – from 2.35 million UAH or $ 84 thousand Again clarification: potentially diesel versions should fall to the level of gasoline.

The test car, of course, had a lot of options: turning rear wheels (43 thousand hryvnias), pneumatic suspension (35 thousand hryvnias), 22 inch forged light alloy wheels (146 thousand hryvnias), 4-zone "climate" (30 thousand UAH), a panoramic glass roof-hatch (58 thousand UAH), ventilation and massage of front seats (58 thousand UAH), Valcona perforated leather trim and contour seats (84 thousand UAH), assistant night vision (78 thousand UAH), projection display (52 thousand UAH), multimedia and navigation MMI Navigation plus (127 thousand UAH), etc. As a result, a test car Audi Q8, taking into account the numerous options cost about 3.85 million UAH or $ 138 thousand Moreover, I note that some of the options are interconnected, or include additional equipment. For example: massage seats are only possible with classy leather trim, the 4-zone "climate" pulls additional ventilation deflectors, and the developed MMI Navigation plus system "by default" includes the system MMI Touch plus Audi Virtual Cocpit (LCD panel of devices before the driver). In the end: sometimes choosing one option – you have to climb to the second, and vice versa – sometimes the expensive option means several items at once in the same package. Therefore, the aforementioned version of S line suddenly – but a profitable proposition: the classroom, "pneuma", beautiful disks.

Here are a few different options Audi Q8 at a price of 90-120 thousand euro: crossover Audi Q8 looks and is perceived equally dear and "cool" at any price tag. Among the most frequent options that customers order: version S line (спортивные сиденья, обивка «кожа/алькантара», 21-дюймовые диски), 4-зонный «климат», камера заднего вида. В зависимости от мотора, такой автомобиль обходится в 2,5-2,9 млн. грн. (80-90 тыс. евро). Ценник достигнет и перевалит 100 тыс. евро только в случае объединения многих «дорогих» опций: спец-кожа, массаж, «панорама», круговой обзор, «круиз» с лазером…

Возможно, цены кажутся высокими, но в реальности – это цены основных конкурентов Audi Q8: крупных кроссоверов-купе и полноразмерных моделей «SUV-премиум» (кстати, у нас прайс на Audi Q8 вышел даже ниже, чем в Германии). Два ключевых конкурента – BMW X6 и Mercedes GLE Coupe. И здесь следует отметить, что Audi Q8 выходит в очень удачное время: конкуренты устарели, но запуска их новых поколений придется ждать 1-1,5 года, поскольку сейчас все силы производителей будут брошены на запуск и производство основных моделей BMW X5 и Mercedes GLE. К слову, подобные автомобили, равно как и Volvo XC90 или родственный VW Touareg, нет смысла рассматривать в конкурентах – против них выступает Audi Q7.

Однако в качестве смежных конкурентов есть можно рассматривать Maserati Levante и Porsche Cayenne. Эти автомобили только начинаются с мощности 340-350 л.с. и ценника около 2,5 млн. грн. – а за эти деньги можно «собрать» уже достойный вариант Audi Q8, при этом в ощущении новизны и «премиума» он будет не хуже. С другой стороны – есть Range Rover Velar: сейчас он в основном продается в средних версиях (ценник около 70 тыс. евро или 2,2 млн. грн, за 4-цилиндровые 2-литровые моторы 200-250 л.с.), радует дизайном и оригинальным стилем, но не дотягивает ощущением комфорта и отделкой.

В диапазоне 60-100 тыс. евро можно подобрать массу автомобилей, но Audi Q8 оказывается постоянно в выигрышном положении: прямые конкуренты – уже устарели, а их новые поколения выйдут нескоро; косвенные – оказываются либо мощнее, но дороже, либо привлекают ценной, но заметно проще в деталях.

Стоимость содержания

В городе автомобиль потребляет 10-12 л топлива, однако на выходных и при пустых дорогах можно «привозить» расход 8-8,5 л на 100 км пути. Напротив, при динамичной езде и/или постоянных пробках расход топлива возрастал до отметки около 13,5 л на 100 км пути. При езде по трассе со скоростью 80-90 км/ч расход топлива составлял 5,5 л на 100 км, при скорости 110-120 км/ч расход возрастал до 7-7,5 л на 100 км пути. В целом цифры хорошие как для столь крупного и тяжелого автомобиля, но не могу обойтись без сравнения с Volkswagen Touareg. Последний оказывается более экономичным в городе – примерно на 1-2 л в обычном или динамичном стиле езды: ответ кроется в весовой разнице примерно 150-200 кг, что сказывается и на разгоне – двигателю приходится больше работать. А вот трассовый расход отличается на едва заметные 0,5 л: увеличенная ширина автомобиля и покрышек оказывает лишь небольшое влияние на расход топлива.

Общая гарантия на автомобиль составляет два года без ограничения пробега, также есть опция увеличенной гарантии – в таком случае можно рассчитывать на 4-летнюю гарантию с ограничением пробега 120 тыс. км. Сервисное обслуживание следует проводить раз в год или 15 тыс. км., минимальное стандартное ТО обойдется в 7-8 тыс. грн. в зависимости от исполнения автомобиля, проводимых работ, конкретного дилера.

Цены на автомобиль и ТО указаны по состоянию на ноябрь, без учета дополнительных скидок и акций при покупке автомобиля или его обслуживании.


Кроссовер Audi Q8 не проходил испытания Euro NCAP, однако серию краш-тестов прошел ближайший «родственник» Audi Q7 – для примера может взять его результат: автомобиль получил максимальную оценку «5 звезд». Главное замечание касается высоких нагрузок на грудь водителя – здесь отметка лишь «средний уровень защиты». Но в остальном автомобиль безопасен: сплошь отметки «приемлемо» и «хорошо».

В итоге

Итоги просты: Audi Q8 – это лучший автомобиль из того, что побывало у меня в руках за 2018 год. Вы скажете: «ха, конечно, самая дорогая и технологичная машина – вот и самая лучшая». Вовсе нет. К примеру, откровениями в этом году стали Toyota Camry и Infinity Q50, порадовали относительно недорогие Honda Civic Sedan и SEAT Arona. А еще у меня есть смелость, чтобы заявить: среди «электричек» Renault ZOE и Nissan LEAF 2 лучше, чем BMW i3. Да и с памятью тоже все нормально: я помню великолепные модели Peugeot 3008 и Mazda CX-5, удачный Hyundai Accent, честный Subaru Forester…

Логика определения «хорошего автомобиля» в моем случае проста и сложна одновременно: он должен хорошо ехать (не обязательно комфортно или спортивно, а именно «хорошо» – важна цельность характера), не иметь явных провалов, но иметь несколько характерных деталей-преимуществ над конкурентами. Так вышло, что родственный Volkswagen Touareg не собрался в один подобный образ, хотя использует аналогичную великолепную технику. А вот автомобиль Audi Q8 собрался: передовые отличные технологии, упакованные в стильный кузов, приправленные высококлассным салоном, выпущенные под премиальной маркой. Кроссовер Audi Q8 дорогой, но он каждую секунду и мгновение дарит впечатление высококлассной вещи, где деньги были заплачены не зря: это чувствуется в езде, это видно в отделке салона, это слышно в звукоизоляции. Поэтому, пребывая в полном здравии и рассудке, отдавая себе отчет в написанном, понимая список автомобилей до конца года, я еще раз твердо и уверенно заявляю: в моих обзорах Audi Q8 – это лучший автомобиль 2018 года. Вот и все.


+ Великолепный дизайн снаружи и внутри, много интересных деталей в отделке

+ Хороший класс езды в любом ездовом режиме: комфортно, тихо, быстро

+ Широкий выбор, причем даже средние версии хороши впечатлением и оснащением


— Для дизельного мотора – заминка при резком старте/ускорении

— Немалая цена, однако Audi Q8 ее оправдывает сполна

Технические характеристики Audi Q8 50 TDI

Кузов – кроссовер, 5 мест

Габариты – 4,986 х 1,995 х 1,705 м

Колесная база – 2,99 м

Клиренс – 164-254 мм

Багажник – от 605 л (5 мест) до 1 755 л (2 места)

Грузоподъемность – 750 кг

Минимальная снаряженная масса – 2 220 кг

Мотор – турбодизель, V6, 3,0 л

Мощность – 286 л.с. при 3 500-4 000 об/мин

Крутящий момент – 600 Нм при 2 250-3 250 об/мин

Удельная мощность и момент – 129 л.с. на 1 т; 270 Нм на 1 т

Привод – постоянный полный привод с межосевым дифференциалом Torsen

Трансмиссия – 8-ст. АКПП (традиционная гидромеханическая АКПП)

Динамика 0-100 км/ч – 6,3 с

Максимальная скорость – 245 км/ч

Расход топлива (смешанный) – 6,6-6,8 л на 100 км (в зависимости от размера колес и веса)

Шины тестового автомобиля – Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S 285/40R22

Минимальная цена автомобиля – от 1,82 млн. грн. (около 57 тыс. евро или около $65 тыс.)

Цена тестового автомобиля – около 3,85 млн. грн. (около 121 тыс. евро или около $138 тыс.)

Автомобиль предоставлен – Порше Украина, отделение Audi

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