Tuesday , March 21 2023

Steam compiled the results of 2018. The service used 47 million people every day News


Valve has published a report on Steam's work in 2018. North America, Western Europe and Asia were leaders in the number of users; Overall, the service started daily with 47 million people, with a maximum online level of 18.5 million.

The Steam team optimized content filtering for adults and removed rogue developers. In the course of the year, dozens of new payment methods appeared in the service: there are now over one hundred. The input system supports over 300 devices, some controllers added in 2018.

By redesigning the client, the developers noted the improvement of group chat, the list of adaptive friends and the conversion of voice chat. At the International 2018 and Artifact presentations, PAX presented the earlier version of SteamTV.

Currently, Steam has a maximum throughput of 12 terabytes per second. In 2018, users received more than 15 billion gigabytes of data.

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