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Spartan / Rangers November 8, 2018. Europa League. Live on the web


Europa League. Spartak – Rangers. Text translation

23:50 Raul Riancho – This is a separate song. He will be alone. And much more interesting. Stay with us!

23:45. Salvatore Bokketti:

"We are very happy that we won. This victory is for fans. As a defender, I really like the result 4: 3, it would be better to win 1-0.

Have there been any crazy games in my career? Yes, but this game was one of the most beautiful because we won. This indicator does not mean that dinner teams did not work well. There were bad moments, but we won. Of course, we will decide all this week with the coach, of course, we need to play better.

The goal itself? A bad moment, but it's happening. Well, the second was not our gate. I had moments, I want me to do it.

Is the football with Riancho getting attacked? I do not know, we just do what he asks. Of course we try to play outdoor football. Today we have created many moments.

Three started with the launch of the fan industry rocket? I did not even admit I could only say that fans have always supported us. They are the best fans of the world, because the fans supported the team after four winners. This is a victory for them.

I know Carrera flew today, but was not at the hotel. I wish him good luck and success in the future. I will always have a good memory for him. This is a victory for Carrera. All Spartak fans. If I could, I would go see him. Why not? I am in good agreement with him. Massimo wrote before the game, but he always wanted the best.

Two gates got two minutes – for us it was usually super. I also think fans. Almost my heart did not stop, so much emotion. We made a great fan of gifts.

What does Riancho want to play in football? I think that today we have shown good football: open, combination. Everything was a good game. Today we showed the field we want to win. Is this another football that is the one who nominated Carrera? I can not answer.

23:38. Game review.

No games but insanity! "Spartak" managed to win even with the protection of the yard

4-3-3 on the field, 4: 3 in the result table – and the second in the group. Red and white are still alive.

23:35 Roman Eremenko:

"What do you do? We have to look at, now I do not remember. We have a very important victory." Rangers was surprised to win three goals: I did not expect them to be, they won the case, we set the task to leave the group. "

23:30 Artyom Timofeev:

"The challenge was to go out and put pressure, not let the opponent get rid of the ball. To keep a position and do not hide now." Very emotional game. "There were positive and negative points." Out in the wrong field and with the desire to leave the winner the result. Angry to victory, went to play with passion Ryancho was calm in order for the rest to stay in the closet, the RPL teams are closed, and football is open in the European Football League. We are missing out here, but we also appreciate it. It turned out to be a game with a desire not to Winning for a long time, support is considered for every game. "Missile launchers are not afraid, they're almost burnt out of the air." Carrera abstained, "No comments." I think victory can be our turning point. "

23:20. Rangers Chief Trainer Steven Gerrard:

"Of course, I am very dissatisfied with the result. We attacked well, courageous and dangerous. At some moments, they received rewards for it, but when you meet a worthy opponent and defy him incorrectly, he is sodomy about you. We did not do the usual, basic things wrongly. We chose positions, did not give up the roles. I'm disappointed with how we defended. We could rely on four goals, but we only have three. That's why this is the result.

After a break, we had a terrible five minutes. Possibly, the replacement will help, but the goals adopted are not tactics, but individual player mistakes. Players are live people, they may be wrong.

Now we have a more difficult task. Our chances of getting out of the squad have been reduced, given the outcome of the first game with Spartak, but we are not giving up. The fault is only for themselves. They deserve to lose the game, "the champion correspondent Mikhail Goncharov handed Gerrad's words.

23:10. Vice President of OAO Lukoil, Moscow's main sponsor of Spartak, Jevan Chelonant commented in a red and white victory game with the Rangers.

Spartak won thanks to the players' individual qualities. Why did the club fail before? It's football, you're patient, and everything will be fine, "says Paul Levkovich, Champion Correspondent.

22:50 And we are waiting for Riancho and players.

22:47. Everything, this fantastic game is over!

22:45. Filling the corner and bar saves Spartak!

22:42. Now added time will begin for 4 minutes. Spartak controls everything.

22:37. Maximenko almost created a threat to his goal, otpasovav at the bottom directly in Morelos, but during the time, goalkeeper "Spartacus" insured defenders here.

22:34. Luis in place of Luiz Adriano.

22:32 Fernando was the first foreign penalty in the central area, and he immediately went to the gate but sent the ball over the gate.

22:29. Melgarreho goes to the penalty area to hit his opponent's leg. Again, the yellow simulation. Controversial Not exactly simulation, more than punishment.

22:27. Fantastic moment at Spartak! Fernando made a speedy advance and dropped the ball to Bocchetti who shuffled it past the keeper. Spartacus defender had to deal with McGregor!

22:24 Timofeev Popov's place.

22:20. More than 20 minutes to play.

22:16. Bocchetti received a yellow card from the left when they missed the course.

22:13. He went into the field Glushakov instead of Eremenko. He is the captain of the armband. Whistling and insults.

22:11. THE AIM! 4: 3. Hanni! In the center, I was approached by another penalty kick, and with a slight kickback the opponent sent the ball to the target in the distant corner with McGregor.

22:10. THE AIM! 3: 3! Luiz Adriano! Eremenko's shot from the right-wing goalkeeper on the right-hand side, where the goalkeeper handed Hanni's heel to the top, after which Adriano played it head-to-head.

22:08. Glushakov will be held soon.

22:04. Popov falls in the penalty area, it looks like a step, but Ivelina is a yellow simulation. The judge did not believe him. Well, at least not the other one.

22:00 The moment Spartak! Luiz Adriano almost tied things up with McGregor, but the shot went well wide of the goal.

21:57 We keep on. No replacement.

21:42. Break 5 gates, 2 of which are goal. Spellbinding game. We rest.

21:35 The aim! 2: 3! When Bocchetti tried to play against Morelos, he sent the ball back to the left at his disposal, from where Middleton smiled Maximenko with a strong blow.

21:32 Pause in our play with the use of hairdryers. The fans do not want this game complete.

Photo: "Championship"

Photo: "Championship"

21:30 Goal! 2: 2! Ivelin Popov gave the free kick on a free kick in from the left, but the ball went wide. Goldson took the lead, as he matured the ball past the offensive keeper.

21:29. A dangerous back injury was made from the left-hand side of the Rangers attack goalie, where Bocchetti intercepted this pass by sending the ball to the corner. And after a corner with a corner attack from Kulibal, the referee was a referee.

21:25. Fernando received a yellow card against a foul against Coulibaly on the other side of the field.

21:24 Rasskazov received a yellow card for counterfeiting against Middleton's attack on the left.

21:22. The aim! 1: 2! Flanagan from the center of the area scored a great goal after another penalty kick, where, after Spartak's defeat, Kandeyash was alone in front of Maksimenko and struck a free kick in the corner.

21:17 The aim! 1: 1! Ivelin Popov put in a good free kick towards the edge of the area of ​​a goal, and in the area area, in the summer, Melgarreho was penalized for kicking the ball away.

21:15 In the first half, a rocket take off from the red and white stand, which was about two meters from the Rangers football player on the field. Two more rockets were then transferred to the field, reports the Championship correspondent Mikhail Goncharov.

Please note that in case of these violations, when attending the rules of the game, Spartak players will almost certainly have to deal with the penalties of the UEFA Disciplinary Committee.

21:10. Ivelin Popov Received a yellow card for simulation abroad.

21:00 Goal! 0: 1. After applying from the corner on the right side of the penalty kick, "Spartak" Eremenko in the fight against Edzharau sent the ball in the corner of his own name.

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