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Sergey Babkin responded emotionally to Vera Kekelia's clip

Sergey Babkin posted a report on his Instagram page, in which he reacted emotionally to the new video VERA KEKELIA (women's band member) and DUDA's joint song "Tobi".

"Have you seen it already? It's an image! It's real! It's art! We're totally happy! We cry out of pride! We cry out from here! We look at it many times and call it every time – it's very touching for us! Everyone have to see! "- wrote Babkin on the net.

Note that these songwriters are released until the first wedding anniversary.

In the video Vera and Roma played a couple that, while in the same house, did not see each other.

As if in a parallel reality, everyone lives their lives without respecting anything. Heroes dive into their inner world, while a casual touch changes their lives, gives them the opportunity to find happiness.

"Through the video story we wanted to find out the idea that people often live without looking for others. Doubting our failures, doubts, focusing on ourselves, we miss the chance to become happier, meet the" same "person and change our lives. Open the world and learn to notice beauty around you, "says singer VERA KEKELIA.

Removal of video took place in the picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians between the mountains and colorful autumn forests. Duda acknowledged that the film team had to overcome difficult weather and extraordinary cold:

"The landscapes that were high in the mountains were simply amazing, and I had never seen them before, but from fog, ice in the morning and from the cold shooting, because the most difficult scenes were in the water, at 2-5 degrees, we shot the ice hill stay there for 20 minutes. To be honest, I could not touch the tooth, and even the moisture did not help. "

The clip was directed by Lesja Podoljanko, the operator was Evgeniy Usanov. The author of the piece of text and music is DUDA.

Artists also said about the fate of goldfish in the video.

"Zeres, which Vera feeds on the video, is alive and good. We were very worried about their cold, but she did not return to the animal community," says Duda.

Remind Sergei Babkin tells of his vacation in Turkey.

Sergei also said about the state of emergency on the eve of the filming during the Zelensk film.

In addition, Babkin acknowledged that he had received from his parents as a child.

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