Sunday , October 2 2022

Samsung will soon introduce a new flexible display model


South Korean company Samsung will soon launch a new smartphone model, which will feature a unique, elastic display. Despite the fact that the presentation of this gadget will take place only after a week, rumors about it will appear several times a day. From trusted sources, it's known that this phone will be featured in the Galaxy F model range.

According to the inside information provided, two different smartphones will be released, one of which will be "hooked" upright and similar to the tablet and the other one horizontally. The technology market is not yet similar to the screen format. These models will feature a highly sensitive 4-inch display, which can be accidentally bent by pressing. The total smartphone will have more than two hundred thousand extensions.

At the same time, according to the information available, special sensors will be integrated on both sides of the phone to help track the pressure during upgrade compression. For example, if a person pushes the smartphone's screen firmly, then this can start the camera and, if it's easier, then he runs the programs that he can install himself in the settings themselves.

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According to the updates provided, only Thai HTC U12 or 3D Touch from Apple can be the closest competitor to Samsung, which is currently the main difference from other smartphones, can be considered as the ability to recognize three-step pressure by touching the screen. However, the South Korean company is still one step ahead.

The smartphone and critique fans are united in anticipation of the presentation itself, which will take place from November 7-8, in order to see the features of this know-how on the first hand. Anyone who is confronted with the fact that Galaxy F will quickly stop, Korea's leading representatives suggest simply trying this smartphone personally and ensuring its exclusivity.

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