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Probably triple woman from Philip Kirkorov, 52, Svetlana Sfieva, died after a stroke


01:52, 02.02.2019

She spent the last month in the hospital.

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52-year-old fan Philip Kirkorov Svetlana Safievawho might have joined the pop king died of a stroke. After a scandalous show of the show, where a woman showed an impressive belly and claimed that she was expecting triplets from the singer, Safiyeva suffered a tremendous stress: the public condemned her, and the black realtor tried to use her helplessness and take away the elite real estate. On December 25, a woman visited the concert in Kirkorov "Olympic" and then I was forced to go to the hospital where I spent the last month. “Svetlana died on Wednesday. But I wouldn't like to comment on her death, ”Safiev's nephew told KP. Oksana Khomenok.

Philip Kirkorov

Recall that 52-year-old businessman Svetlana Safieva announced her pregnancy three months ago. The woman said she met the pop king in 2012 and probably immediately started sparks between them and a couple of months later she got pregnant, but the children were stolen from her. "Alla survived the biomaterial in 53, Liza and Harry were born, and my disappeared," Svetlana told her crazy story.

You want Safiyeva to show up in her live show studio Live, where she showed her stunning belly, she said she was waiting three times for Kirkorov and asked the singer to deliver her 200,000 dollars. Safieva painted her love story with a pop-king, boasted of children's things and narrowed her belly with softness. To dispel the doubts about the outraged guests, the entrepreneur and the film crew made an ultrasound scan.

Svetlana Safieva and Andrei Malakhov

Conclusions doctor shocked. It turned out that Svetlana has a rare psychophysiological disorder – a false pregnancy. "Pregnancy, unfortunately, or fortunately no. The picture shows the edge of the liver, but the patient is convinced for some reason that it is a fetus. We did not deny this to create an unreasonable emotional response. She refuses to do a full check. Most likely, it is a fat apron, ”said a specialist. After hearing the doctor's judgment, Safiyev threatened Andrei Malahov with the police and left the study angry.

Philip Kirkorov himself has never commented on a scandal with a "pregnant" fan, and surrounded by the singer said Sapphire had long been his idol. Kirkorov has repeatedly acknowledged that his heart is once occupied by Alla Pugacheva. After being disrupted by him in 2005, the pop king once again married. According to the artist, precisely because of his unhappy feelings Alla Borisovna, he is still lonely and does not know if he should marry again.

Svetlana Safiyeva said she expects triplets from Philip Kirkorov

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