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Potaps got a new job: Tsigansky Baron. Political Science


Ukrainian artist and producer Alexei Potapenko is stinking on the Internet for a strange new choice of clothes.

He posted the photo to his social networking site.

"My host is a very rare but very fun mission," he noted.

Note that in the same picture Potap creates jeans, slippers and a shirt with a jacket. The man decided to add an image with an earring. This has led to network users' consultation.

"Like the Gypsy Baron", "Stylish, Modern, Youth", "I find that the earrings are redundant," "hard nut," "good, like. Interesting, fire man," they write.

As previously reported, the well-known Ukrainian artist Nastya Kamenskikh, who now works with the creative pseudonym NK, continues to surprise fans with her photographs.

This time, an extravagant singer posted a picture on her Instagram page, where she encounters her former colleague Potapu. The stars themselves are dressed in vivid and different dresses, but the artists' jackets are the same.

"PTP and NK ?", – soon signed a new Anastasia Kamensky snapshot.

The flashlight fans were pleasantly surprised by this photo, so they posted a lot of comments after the new post. However, despite this, many followers have written about an inappropriate and tasteful star dress.

"They just became homeless Halloween", "Outrageous outfit". 90th Seasons "," As Somewhere Unmanaged "," Like Orphans "," Big Boom! ")," The circus is gone and the clown is left, "" Prikid "escapes from the eyes," Potap in this outfit looks like a boy from the kindergarten for walking)) A funny costume "," Alexey, well, you're cool and Nastya is super! Well, I'm looking at the photo and feeling that you have a medieval crisis, "" Are they barbarian in the other? "- network users wrote a new image.

We remind you, in the past we informed that Kamensky decided to radically change his image. The star showed an open dress, giving a silver color with a pastiche sand color. And also wearing leather shorts to complement the image.

"Awesome news is another goal in the Challenge # obkonnidu100dni from o.b.®liet accomplished I promised to decide on the cardinal changes in the picture. And in order to film the #LOMALA video, I went through three radical reincarnations." Personally, I really enjoyed this experience.) It was very unusual and interesting. I urge everyone to risk, discard and discover a new inner face, "the singer wrote with his new photo.

At the same time, star subscribers were rejected and did not understand: whether Kamensk really became a blonde, it was only a temporary image change. The fans themselves were divided in their opinion: some noted that the star really has this shadow, while others criticize not only Kamensky's hair color but also her clothes.

Recall Kamensk the great new fan of fans in a swimsuit.

As reported by Politek, Kamensky and Potap: the secret was revealed, the photos explained everything.

Politek also wrote that Kamenskich was at the age of ten, her new photo deprives fearless fans.

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