Saturday , March 6 2021

Police intervened in a conflict between his wife Mamayev and Krasnodar Football

Moscow, November 14 – RIA news. Pavlam Mamaev was allowed to play the ball behind a football player's car only after calling on the police, reports SE to the midfielder's "Krasnodar".

"I was with a lawyer, they did not let us, they closed the goal," said Alan Mamaev. "When the lawyer called for the police and the staff arrived, they let me in. We do not curse in principle. We went to the area. Before that, I said that I would not leave until I took the car and they said to me:" Hee hee, haha, you freeze, you want, wait. "As you can see, I did not worry, and when they called it the police were allowed immediately, we took the property. What we were told was a simple language, called absurd, it's not legal statements."

Now the "Krasnodar" midfielder along with his friend Alexander Kokorin from "Zenith" is located in SIZO.

In October, two battles with Kokorin and Mamayev took place. First, according to the investigation, Mamayev, Alexander Kokorin, his brother Cyril and his friends were struck by a leader from one of the leading Channel One, and then by the head of the department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak and the head of NAMI (the developer of the president car Aurus) Sergey Gaisin . Tverskaya Moscow court sent arrested until December 8, both players, as well as brother Cokorin Kirill and his friend. Criminal proceedings were initiated in accordance with the articles "Humiliation within a group of people" and "Beating". Successions only write "hooliganism" recommends up to seven years in prison.

Krasnodar previously expressed hope for an impending termination of the agreement with Mamayev.

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