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Philaret: Zelensky apologized for the joke tomos

Philaret: Zelensky apologized for the joke tomos


Tomas would not be without the Patriarch of Kiev, I am sure Filarets

The Church has forgiven the newly elected President and has not offended that he called the "thermos" joke, says Patriarch.

Recently elected President Vladimir Zellens apologized for the comparison of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine with the thermos. It was announced in an interview with Radio Liberty Patriarch Filaret (Denisenko).

Zelensky in one of Kvartal's 95 studio speeches was called a thermos.

"Zelensky has already apologized for this, but it is offensive to the church. Tomas, who are very important to us, invite him to be called a" thermos. "But we forgive the newly elected President for these words and do not break," said Filarets.

Patriarch also commented on Zelenska's words in a debate on 19 April that President Petro Poroshenko attributed to Tomas the receipt of autocephaly for his credit, but in reality it would not have happened without Filareta.

"We should really look. If it wasn't for the patriarch of Kiev, which I created with Orthodox people, with hierarchies, with clergy, could it be a question of Thomos if there were no churches? , those who built the church, but we should not diminish the importance of the president, because the church was, and the previous presidents turned to the ecumenical patriarch, but there were no tomas, so of course, President Poroshenko deserves But the main merit is that Kiev na triarhat, is the foundation.

At the same time, he noted that Zelensk's attitude would not affect the development of the CCP.

As reported, Patriarch Filaret congratulated Zelensky on his victory in the presidential election and expressed his hope that he would continue Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic course.

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