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Odessa news – Gricenko caves stop in Odessa and their colleagues were beaten (video)

Aculacists claim that the attackers were young sportsmen.

Attackers used gas cartridges / photo UNIAN

Attackers used gas cartridges / photo UNIAN

Today, in the center of Odessa, the fight between supporters and opponents of the leader of the position of Civic Position, Anatoliy Gritsenko, was thrown by unknown people into eggs.

As reported by UNIAN in the Department of Communication of the Directorate of Police National Police in the Odessa region, during an encounter with the residents of Odessa in the Primorye district of the city, the eggs of an unknown party's political party were thrown.

As a result, a clash occurred between his supporters and opponents.

"According to available information, during the conflict, its members used gas cartridges against their opponents. The improper actions were stopped by the police who patrolled the streets. They separated the parties to the conflict and prevented it from getting worse," said the head office.

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Now, on the basis of this fact, the criminal proceedings have been initiated in accordance with Section 296 (hooliganism) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (part 4). The police interview testimony witnesses and incident witnesses, and take steps to identify all its members.

According to Gritsenko supporters, on Wednesday, his appointment was intended at the office center Terminal 42 Rishelyevskaya street. They note that the attackers were about 20-30 people. At first they blocked the path of a politician and tried to transfer him a large pumpkin, which included the faloimmiters. The pumpkin was an attack that was made using misfortune. Gritsenko insisted on a "gift", after which he was thrown out of eggs.

"Then" Titus "attacked the activists who accompanied Gritsenko.Police has detained any attacker.There are victims who are called quick help.Now victims and witnesses speak to the police.To the attacker had several assistive elements to cover, the fighters wear masks, said politician supporters.

Aculacists claim that the attackers were young sportsmen. One of the injured was a weapon.

According to Shark Radio on its Facebook page, the incident occurred before arriving at Terminal 42 in the center of the office where SHARK Radio is located.

It is noted that the policy was planned live.

"A group of people with a sporty appearance first blocked Gricen's entrance and then attacked the supporters of the politician who accompanied her. Several of them" titushki "broke, in particular, one man cut his eyebrow. First aid was provided to the victims by the emergency medical doctors who came to At the moment, police are interviewing witnesses, "- said in a statement.

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