Monday , October 18 2021

Named the cost of Samsung Galaxy S10


Named the cost of Samsung Galaxy S10The price of the leading ship is known

The new Samsung Galaxy S10's leading person will probably come out in at least three versions and will be a very powerful device. We know it from previous leaks and rumors, writes, about Golos

But if Samsung's mobile phone sales slow down, will the company reduce the price of the future base price? According to a new leak, kindly provided by Ishan Agarwal (via Android), the answer is no.

Agarwal, of course, received a price list for all the new Galaxy S10 models in the Netherlands, and prices are steep.

According to his list, the Galaxy S10 with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory will cost 899 euros (1030 dollars), and the model 8 GB / 512 GB – 1149 euros (1317 dollars).

The larger model of the Galaxy S10 + will be presented in three versions: 6 GB / 128 GB for 999 euros (1145 US dollars), 8 GB / 512 GB for 1249 euros (1432 US dollars) and 12 GB / 1 TB for 1,499 euros (1,718 euros). USD).

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Finally, the start-up level of the Galaxy S10e will only be released in one version – 6 GB / 128 GB – at a price of 749 euros (859 dollars).

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