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"My reaction was emotional and inadequate." Sadovyy commented on corruption charges against Gandzjuku – Ukraine


Lviv mayor confirmed that the record is real.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy confirmed the authenticity of an audio record in which the deceased girl and the mayor of Kherson's counsel are accused Ekaterina Gandzyuk in corruptionand apologize for his remarks.

He wrote about it on Friday, November 9, Facebook.

"Upon appointment My voice: my reaction was emotional and inappropriate after public meetings with local businessmen in Kherson, from which I received the relevant information about the entry. The entry was dated 27 August 2018. I regret saying that I apologize to them , which are currently linked, "he said.

Sadovy noted that he was not personally acquainted with Gandzjuku, and he had never received evidence to corroborate the facts of corruption. "Congratulations to Mr Lutsenko on a successful special operation. You managed to temporarily shift attention from the murders to our customers," Sadovy said.

After meeting, My voice My reaction was emotional and inadequate after public meetings with local businessmen …

Posted by Andrey Sadowy on Friday, November 9, 2018

Earlier on Friday, Informator published an audio recording, in which Sadovy claims that Gandzjuk "is the city's head of corruption."

"For this, Gandhi of Kherson, to understand you, it's the bitch who is the head of the city council's corruption. She has a good hand in the Kickbacks city. Everything goes through it," a voice, like Sadovoy, speaks of audio records.

Also, the Mayor of Lvov accused Gandziku of the collapse of the Kherson cell "Self-Help". "I was in Kherson, I talked to a company with entrepreneurs, they are shocked, they are shocked, because they are accompanied by a hero – a person who was imprisoned, and she is the one who organizes all these corruption schemes," the garden said.

Remind Ekaterina Gandzyuk from burns died November 4th Her case was immediately reclassified as a complete murder. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko promised that the investigation of the State Police on the assassination of activist Ekaterina Gandjyuk would soon be completed. the case will go to court. So far, five suspects have been arrested in this case – the organizer and the perpetrators of the offense.

Organizers of the company "Who ordered Katya Gandzjuku?" Facebook, activists and the Newsroom Telegram channel presented the results of the investigation, referring to their sources who call between the client and the organizer of the murder Assistant, People's Deputy Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky.

In turn, Palamarchuk denied all allegations of involvement in the assassination of Gandhipak. At the same time, he rejected Pavlovsk to "avoid the pressure to investigate".

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that the investigation put forward 12 versions of the campaign for the assassination of activist Yekaterina Gandhipuk, but the key is three.

VideoThe funeral of Katrina Gandjyuk: in Herson, hundreds of people came to say goodbye to the activist

In Kherson, they said goodbye to Katrina Gandzjuku. The activist killed on the last trip made several hundred people. Three months ago, Katrina was covered with sulfuric acid. For 96 days, she struggled for life and died on this Sunday.

The funeral of Katrina Gandjyuk: in Herson, hundreds of people came to say goodbye to the activist

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