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Most Popular Android Clamshell Samsung W2019 Video


Yesterday, Samsung showed a pullout smartphone as a personalization of what future mobile phones might be. And tomorrow the company will present a rather specific phone, for example, from the past to swing. Now, all smartphones with a "frameless" design, and here the manufacturer returns to the foundation again and again. About 15 years ago, these watch phones were popular, and the lovers of this form factor still stayed in Asia, and the Samsung W2019 is showing them tomorrow, highlighting those who are not poor.

The Most Popular Android Shot on the Samsung W2019 Video - Photo 1

A rich supplements appeared on the video before the day of the announcement. For several years now, we have shown a phone image that has a pair of 4.2-inch FullHD screens. Such a nice and special case in golden color. They promise another silver version. The author of the video did not show us the fingerprint scanner's performance, but it is very similar because he is on the side. The Samsung W2019 should fit into the higher-end Snapdragon 845, 6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB of stand-alone memory. But the most successful thing is to get to know the new double rear camera and what young engineers can find here. Recall that the Samsung W2018 was the first to offer a variable diaphragm chip, which was subsequently received by other company executives.

Irina Kosheleva

Publish Date:
November 8, 2011

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