Monday , March 8 2021

Ministry of Defense Arsenal in Ichnia: gonon was found in warehouse territory – in Ukraine

The arsenal of the Ministry of Defense in the technical area near the city Ichnya Chernihiv Oblast found sludge. UAVs were handed over to the Ukrainian Security Service, and investigations would continue if unpublished aircraft were discovered. The press service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff reported on this Facebook page.

"Today, November 13, a Phantom quadrocopter was found in the technical territory of the military warehouse in Ichni," the statement said.

It is noted that the UAV was found on the ground at one of the arsenal repositories. The initial test of the hip was not damaged. Unburied devices were transferred to the SBU, and after its discovery, investigation activities began.

"We emphasize that EW will neutralize all unmanned aerial vehicles above or near military units and bases, warehouses and arsenals, or without warning, those involved in such accidents will be delayed and liable in accordance with Ukrainian legislation" – reminded the headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Note that Military Prosecutor's Office called a sabotage fire that took place in the military warehouses near Icney and caused detonation and explosions of ammunition.

Recall, October 9, received information about fire and explosions on Arsenal territory 6 Memorandum of Understanding near Druzhba city (Ichnyany district, Chernihiv region). The territory of Arsenals is 682.6 hectares, of which 402 hectares are technical. It held nearly 70 tons of ammunition, the fire covered five warehouses – 10% of the technical area of ​​the arsenal. No dead and injured, the fire is extinguished, its consequences are continuing.

After the last incident, following the order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Viktor Muzenko was increased security and protection of ammunition storage facilities and arsenals throughout the country.

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