Monday , October 18 2021

Mars Rover's curiosity relayed unexpected data on Mars's severity


Rover's curiosity measures gravity on the surface of a red planet. The data sent to him was lower than expected.

SlashGear reported.

It should be noted that the device itself does not have such sensor sensors. However, this did not allow researchers to find a way to evaluate gravity using the available tools.

The researchers could redistribute the sensors used by the curiosity to control the rover, turning them into gravimeters. In turn, they can measure gravity changes. By configuring the sensors, the team was able to obtain gravity indications that touched the curiosity of Mars Eolida.

The degree of severity of curiosity was expected to increase and the numbers were lower than expected.

Earlier it was reported that during the Earth's formation The fall of asteroids and meteors could make the planet what it is now.

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