Friday , June 9 2023

Maria Zakharova: Fascism in the Russian Federation has been fascinated by the fascination of the Roman metro line in Ukraine – news – Russia – video, photo


Former Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova said that the Ukrainians who fought in the Rome subway were prepared by foreign trainers.

Zakharova commented on the event on Facebook. According to him, "two Ukrainians, the Roman metro, beat the Indians, quoting what is happening to their nationalist views."

"There is nothing new for me, it will be worse and not say it is just" two geeks and no global problem, "wrote the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Maria Zakharova

Maria Zakharova

Moreover, it is certain that the conflict in the subway is directly linked to the revolution of dignity.

"First, these fascist young people were trained by the abandoned Ukrainian trainers, and they have been subjected to blood tests at Maidan, and now they are assuring the reliability of the design of the new Ukrainian statehood," concludes Zakharova.

In addition, many users noted in the comments that it is not appropriate for the official representative of the country on the international scene to distribute such counterfeits.

"There were everywhere Yarosh's contacts and painted walls" Glory of Ukraine "," then the post is unacceptable to encourage hatred among nations. In Russia, he was marginalized, "" The press secretary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs finds complete lies. It is clear that everything is bad in Russia when such a senior official repeats the bicycle of regular TV propagandists, "the users write.

As OBOZREVATEL stated, former journalist Zakarov was absurdly justified by the assassination of the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko. The diplomatic rebel of the aggressor's country has raised the question of whether he will be able to prove that Ukraine, which Zakharova has repeatedly stated, could intervene in its liquidation.

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