Thursday , March 30 2023

"Many kill children with it." Politeka


The most popular Ukrainian and Russian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, in Ukraine and Russia, published a social network that warns parents of small children about the terrible danger

Doctor Komarovsky, that is exactly what is called the Kharkov Yevgeny Komarovsky pediatrician, published a poster on his Instagram page, which was released as a doctor's guide almost 100 years ago.

What is described in the campaign materials for parents is very important today. Especially if you think there are many new things in your daily life that threaten your child's life.

So, on a poster published by Dr. Komarovsky, various objects were portrayed as a visual tool that jeopardized children's health and life. We are talking about stitches, cuts, and small items that threaten a child with serious injuries and possible asphyxia.

It is worth noting that time changes, technologies and some dangers remain irrespective of the extent to which world science has evolved. On the contrary, it is worth considering that a number of objects have emerged which are even more objectively threatening the child.

It is enough to remember low-quality toys, which can easily break and even crack, the apartment has small electrical appliances, a designer like Lego, which is inhaled in the second or legendary neo-cube, whose reception can have serious consequences.

Earlier, we reported that the popular Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky provided valuable advice to young parents, written by Evgeny Komarovsky on his official Instagram page.

“Remember the important rule that will allow the new mother to keep calm. Parents should ignore any advice if they are complex, ambiguous, incomprehensible or cause internal protest. Your childbirth instinct creates emotional readiness that childcare is simple and natural, given to you by Nature. Everyone is complicated and incomprehensible. Stay away from smart men and knowledge, especially uninvited, ”advises the doctor.

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As Politek informs, if breathing is difficult, the child urgently needs a doctor – Komarovsky.

Politek also writes that Dr. Komarovsky mentioned two reasons why it is difficult to reduce the temperature of ARVI.

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