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Loboda left his voice. Children after scandal with daughter Alsou

Career mentor in Russian show "Voice. Children" Svetlana Loboda ended after a scandal with his daughter Alsu Mikella Abramova's victory.

This was said by the producer of Ukrainian singer Natella Krapivin on her Instagram page after Russian First Channel received a film on the project to override the voices.

“I could say a lot. But I will not say anything. I am glad we had our children: clean, talented, honest. I know that the Internet has been blown up and I have not felt like that for a long time. knows how you feel and feel ”She wrote.

According to Krapivin, it was a very difficult day, especially for Lobod. The manufacturer urged fans to blame the children.

"Don't judge! I have it all. I think we have a story about" voice. "Thanks to our team."– she stressed.

Loboda's story "Voice. Children" ended because it was the mentor of his daughter Mentor. The network scandal flare up after the publication of the results of the popular vote. Users demanded fraud because the show won more valuable children.

Loboda remains ashamed

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, one of those who turned out to be frustrated and shocked by Abramov's victory was Maxim Galkin. He said that he would never send his children to song contests after this event.

Recall that Loboda became a mentor in the sixth season of the project. In one of the lights she surprised the fans with the Ukrainian speech. And recently, the mentor was criticized because of the attitude of one of the vocal project participants after his defeat.

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