Wednesday , March 29 2023

Kravchuk told under what conditions Ukraine will be ready to negotiate with ORDLO representatives


Kravchuk stressed that the people of Donbass today are not hosts in the region and they are fulfilling the will of the Kremlin – there is no point in contacting them as long as there are Russian fighters.

Head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Tripartite Donbass Contact Group Leonid Kravchuk said that Ukraine would be ready to negotiate with the occupied territories in the east of the country only after the withdrawal of Russian fighters. This was discussed in an interview with Kravchuk television channel Ukraine 24 on air.

“We are often accused of not communicating with ORDLO, of allegedly communicating with separatists from other countries. The need to meet and resolve issues one-on-one, we do not need the Minsk process. Let outsiders go and we will communicate with our own,” he said. noted Kravchuk.

He also stressed that the inhabitants of the Donbass withtoday there are no masters in the region, and to fulfill the will of the Kremlin. Because of this it just doesn’t make sense to contact them now.

Formerly rUkrainian delegation lava in the tripartite contact group on resolving the situation in Donbass Leonid Kravchuk expressed doubts that it will be possible to exchange detainees by the end of the year.

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