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Irakli Makatsaria admitted whether he had a girl

The Georgian ex-"Bachelor" admitted that he had a tight schedule

Irakli Makatsaria. Photo:

Irakli Makatsaria. Photo:

A famous Georgian businessman, ex-"Bachelor", as well as a bronze prizewinner "Dancing with the Stars" Irakli Makatsaria, who recently hit everyone with his torso, admitted in an interview with Viva !, Whether he has a beloved.

"I have no relations now. Very often there are sympathy, for example, recently I liked one girl at one event. There are always those who like it. I have a little free time now. I often said that it's difficult for me to start a relationship because of a tight working schedule. I so loaded myself with various projects, I hardly imagine what kind of girl will hold such a schedule. Even if there are feelings between us, "said Irakli.


Irakli Makatsaria


Note that Iraqi Makatsaria made great strides in the project "Dancing with the Stars". Judges highly appreciated not only his choreographic abilities, but also his physical data. Iraqis repeatedly received generous compliments from Ekaterina Kuhar.

Earlier, Irakli Makatsaria with a naked torso seduced the fans.


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