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Indeed, how many "Slavs" from the Crimea wrote to me to help Ukrainian sailors. And I think that, with the exception of the Crimean Tatars, none of them supports Ukraine

About truth and myths. The truth is that the Crimean Tatars, even under Mejlis, Hizb ut-Tahrir and the prohibition of public organizations that do not belong to Putin in Russia, live like a networked organism. Proof – people under the "trial" over Ukrainian seamen Simferopol.

Myth For almost five years, I believe that, with few exceptions, except for the Crimean Tatars, nobody there who supports Ukraine is already there. The exception is Archbishop KP Clement and his flock. When there was a need for emergency assistance, I wrote so many people of the Slavic (naked and Tatar) names and surnames from the Crimea, which was nuts. So many "Slavs" from the Crimea have not written because I was a reporter on Kiev television channels.

Ukrainians, Russians are Ukrainian citizens of impoverished and Tatar ethnic origin in the Crimea. They are unorganized, they have no tied horizontal links, they are more afraid than many Crimean Tatars. They do not have an inborn experience of regime treatment, the history of return from deportation and objections to the authorities. Many Russian occupations are the first to experience disagreements. Most likely, they will not fit into the courts, streams and will replace the repressive machine. They do not speak publicly. But there are times when they overcome fear and write to face Facebook, realizing that such communication does not have a guarantee of security. They want to help without heroism. And they deserve the support and recognition that exists.

I saw this post, again the inhabitant of Sevastopol threw ashes on his head, because he did not pay attention to the reduction of the Crimean Tatars before the occupation period: neither civil nor collective. Do not paint on the head. Living with the blame is not necessary in front of the Crimean Tatars. And without hurrying in an euphoria, calling us "real brothers" as opposed to "unrealistic", no. Need a solution. First of all, to restore collective political rights – state autonomy. According to the occupation, there is a dream. But we live in a dream, and this is the main motivator for us. Sorry, seldom use this stupid "we", but now it's an instance.

And it really is possible to save the Crimean Tatar language. Without any special greenhouse conditions, he left for a short period of time to invest money. It seems to me that the production of competing content in the Crimean Tatar language and the adaptation of the best of the world's content is the only way of resuscitation. It is expensive, but our country, Ukraine, needs to do this. Crimean Tatars do not have money for it.
Not because the Crimean Tatar people voted for Chernivtsi and independence, which was in opposition to Meskhov, stood in the first Putin provocation in Tuzla, in 2014 carried food to Ukrainian military units, went to the rallies, ignored the referendum, went to prison or first Yesterday rushed to help and Ukraine sailors … Although possible, and therefore also.

Source: Osman Pashayev / Facebook

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