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In Zaporozhye unknown threw a grenade: 3 people were hospitalized

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at noon. 21:40 81

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Ukrainian news

Ukrainian news

In Zaporozhye unknown threw a grenade: 3 people were hospitalized

On Wednesday evening, on Wednesday evening, 3 people were killed in a hospital because of an explosion of an unknown human explosive grenade in the Zaporozhye Shevchenko district.

As reported in the Ukrainian news service, the State Police Service's press service.

According to the ministry, on November 14 at noon. 19:05 A message was received about the blast on ul. Voenstroy

Three victims in 1989, 1986 and 1996 were born due to the death of a hospital bodily injury, the person who threw them into an explosive place disappeared.

In the region, a siren interception system is in place, the entire police station is focusing on the suspect's search and seizure.

Police claim that male victims are not affiliated with political parties, criminals or large companies: one of them is a student, and the rest are employees of local businesses.

Explore the artistic features. 15 Article 2, paragraph 2. Article 115 of the Criminal Law (attempted murder of two or more persons).

According to news from Ukraine, a 6-year-old boy was beaten by a grenade in Cherkasy.

Formerly nand a grenade was thrown out in Kharkiv in the farm's yard..

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