Tuesday , June 6 2023

In the Rivne region, the minibus flew to a gasoline truck: three dead


In the district of Rivne region, in the district of Radvilovsk, near the village of Pustoivannoe, the minibus drove to the upcoming lane where it collided with a gasoline tanker, resulting in the deaths of three people. This was reported by the regional National Police's press service.

"A 36-year-old resident of Rivne has gone to a pedestrian traffic for unknown reasons, where he collided with a gasoline tanker. An impact tank, which was empty, was thrown to a break stop– noted in the report.

The driver of the minibus and two of his passengers, a couple of 37 and 45 years old from Rovno, died at the accident. Their bodies from a damaged car were taken by rescuers.

The police noted that at this time it is known that only this year the rider had driven a minibus driver three times.

The 36-year-old Radomyshl resident driver suffered a damaged leg and many frostbite. He is currently in a hospital.

For violations of road safety rules, which caused the death of three people, the police initiated a pre-trial investigation in accordance with Section 286 (3) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

Not so long ago in the Rivne region, On the highway Kyiv – Chop, an accident occurredin which people have been lost. A 58-year-old resident of Kiev was hit by a pedestrian while driving a Volvo bus traveling from Libya to the capital city of Krynovo. The latter crossed the road in an unspecified place.

And insideabout the Lvov region on the same highway Nissan killed 35-year-old pedestrians to death

We will add it only in the first half of 2018 1237 people were killed in the Ukrainian accident, Victims – 12.8 thousand. In total, in January-June there were more than 68 thousand accidents, of which 9.9 thousand were injured.


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