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In the footsteps of Aspen. Why the scandal between Borisov and Grebenshikikov Persona broke down Culture

"Dana Borisova looking for victims and receiving money for it, "- said in an interview with Mikhail Grebenshikov. By sacrificing, the musician himself thought. A former member of the Star Factory accused the TV manager of pretending to be misleading her in the program. Andrey Malahov "Live" and recognize drug addiction. But, according to Mikhail, he had nothing to do with the Hangouts and alcoholics category, and he's not. After hearing the story of Grebenshikikov, named the second half of this conflict, Danya Borisov, to find out her opinion.

Oksana Morozova, Dana, Mikhail Grebenshikov told us that you might have been trying to force him to talk about his drug addiction in Andrei Malahov's program. However, according to Grebenshikov himself, he has no addiction. I'd like to know your version of what happened. How was everything?

Dana Borisova: Let's start with the fact that I'm not the initiator of communication with Michael. I can take screenshots of our correspondence, where he turns to me for help, and says he has been smoking marijuana for 20 years without interruption, as well as drinks. By the way, for this reason, he was thrown out of school. Alla Pugacheva: Parents just complained about her. In addition, I note that Mikhail was the first person to endure me with "weed" on "The Last Hero". We participated in this project together. Grebenschikov – a real addict. On the island he had no things, no money, no documents, but the substance was always!

Mikhail smokes every day, the only break in a month and a half with him at the time he was in the Star Factory. Add these daily "fun" alcohol. It's a terrible combination. We were told about it in rehabilitation.

– At some point did you tell me that Mikhail is playing in Andrei Malahov's program and why?

– Despite his position, Michael still had a point in asking for help. He himself came to our camp, gave an interview in which he talked about his addictions, signed the relevant documents. Sorry, but the attitude towards Samui is not a pleasure. The rehabilitation month costs 290 thousand rubles. Of course, the center wants to get advertising. Why Treatment Grebenshchikova Is Free? Then they offered him the following offer: “Misha, to participate in the program, they buy a ticket, pay for a rehabilitation stay”. What happened after that, I don't know. Either someone "sang" something to him, or he smoked again, and such dirt poured into me.

– In a strange way, this situation resembles stories with Chris Kelem and Yevgeny Osin. People are different, but the result is one. What do you think, why is this happening?

– I think I'm absolutely right. Where are the first two characters (Dana stands for Chris Kelem and Evgeny Osin – Editor's Note)who was in exactly the same situation and called me with different words, said that I use them, pull them with force to Koh Samui, etc.?

Unfortunately, this always happens. Whoever helps, they are guilty. Even those guys who had a heartfelt contact with Mishu, told him his difficult stories, he called drunks and drug addicts. Only for them, unlike Mikhail, is the courage. They could recognize their problems and change their lives.

What is happening now with Mishu is the patient's normal behavior. While humiliating and offending others, he believes they have problems, but he does not. All this I have already done with Evgeni Osin and Chris Kelme.

– You have not tried to call Mikhail for dialogue to find out the situation?

– Mikhail was invited yesterday from five programs with a proposal to come and express his position, and to meet with me. He hung and refused to speak. This proves that one simply has nothing to say. Well, come and talk to me, but walk like this and walk out of the bushes … During the rehabilitation we were told, "Not everyone will be saved." That's right.

– Do you think he still has a chance?

– To get the chance, you must recognize the disease. This is the first step, but he does not want to do it. I emphasize again: Misha himself told me that he smoked marijuana every day for 20 years and at the same time, for some reason, he had no problem. It's a sentence.

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