Saturday , April 1 2023

In Odessa, residents blocked two roads due to lack of heating – in Ukraine


During the protests, one of the protesters suffered.

In Odessa, residents of the "European" residential complex twice blocked the lack of roads due to heating.

Reports on the "Dome".

First of all, the tenants blocked the Odessa-Juzhny highway, then they came to block occupied Nikolaevskaya road. The second protest involved conflicts between citizens and traffic, one of which ended with an activist.

As the police police said, the passenger car Kia Optima began to strike with protesters, pushed one of them, then got into a car and drove away. The activist fell and suffered head injuries. The victim was hospitalized at a hospital, and the Kia car was arrested by the police and the passenger was taken to a police station.

More than 500 apartments LCD "European" remain unheated, because the boiler room is not included in the complex. Real estate Investing in Konstantin Dondov's person is to blame for the situation. The same developer owns a boiler room in a residential complex.

Officials promised to get out of the situation, but the LCD "European" LCD still does not heat.

VideoWithout heat: where in Ukraine the heating situation remains critical

In Dnepropetrovsk, the heating season begins with a glance. Heats the battery in Pavlograd. But Kamenskoye and Krivoy Rog are still cold. During the night, Kherson launched a combined heat and power plant. Everyone promises to cook the weekend. But this is not a trend, cases are occasional cases. The reason is either debt, or public service negligence.

Without heat: where in Ukraine the heating situation remains critical

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