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In Kiev – Pechersk Lavra arrived to describe the property

November 28, 2013

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MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA news. In Kiev-Pechersk Lavra close to the caves began inventory of property. This "News" was reported by the monastery.

Sv. Priest of St. John's Church in Moscow. Archive photo
"Medium and Terrible." Why do you want to split Constantinople?

In the evening, "officials" arrived in the monastery territory, who said they had an order from the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture to make inventory.

"We do not understand why the unknown people have literally flooded us and, shattering an incomprehensible document, declared that they describe the property. We have not received any official letters that such actions will take place, but they were forced to let these people go," said the monks.

In their view, such orders express "complete disrespect for shrines and believers."

"People coming from different parts of our country are deprived of the opportunity to worship the sacred relics, since the inventory was taking place in the Middle Ages," complained the monastery.

Later it turned out that the property inventory was made by the representatives of the Kiev-Pechersk Reserve, which is subject to the Ministry of Culture.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartolomei in Istanbul. November 3, 2018
Poroshenko had hit the bowel on the eve of the autocephalitis

In September, the department demanded that museum employees carry out a complete record keeping of the icons and other cultural heritage values ​​of Ukrainian Canonical Orthodox Church men.

The UOC made such a decision to the Ministry of Culture unlawfully. The head of the UOC legal department, orchestral Alexander, drew attention to the fact that all property located in the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the property of religious communities. According to the lawyer, officials can check historical and cultural values ​​only if they are passed on or used by the religious community, as evidenced by the relevant documents.


At the beginning of October, the Patriarchate of Constantinople decided to continue to provide autocephalitis to the non-constitutional Ukrainian Church, as well as to restore its Stavropy – directly under the control of the Patriarchs of Constantinople. In addition, Konstantinople has abolished all the anathema and Moscow bans imposed by the self-proclaimed "Kiev Patriarchate" Filaret. The Patriarchate of Constantinople stated that it is related to the rights and dignity of the Filaret and the non-constitutional Ukrainian Autocafs Orthodox Church, Makarios and their followers. With its decision, Constantinople first admitted that the structures of the schismatic church in Ukraine are legitimate.

During the prayers of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in connection with the forthcoming decision to grant autochephal to the church in Ukraine. October 14, 2018
A "sacred NATO" against Russia is being created

The Patriarchate of Constantinople also abolished the historic letters of 1686 about the right to nominate the Moscow Patriarch to perform the legal duties of appointing the capital of Kiev, which the council appointed for his diocese. Thus, the patriarchate actually proclaimed its right to Ukraine.

The decisions of the Constantinople Patriarchate in the Russian Orthodox Church are considered to be the legalization of the split. The Russian Orthodox Church said that such actions could lead to catastrophic damage affecting the fate of millions of people, not only in Ukraine, but throughout the Orthodox world. As the Moscow and Patriarchal Patriarchate of Moscow and Kirill have pointed out, the Constantinople Union with schismatics destroys canonical orthodoxy. On October 15, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church announced that it has divided the community with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, including Ukraine and Belarus.

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