Monday , October 18 2021

Ilons Musks traveled in a rocket: impressive video. Politeka


Ilon Mask SpaceX invited everyone to look for their best rocket

Ilon Mask SpaceX delivers detailed video demonstrations by displaying materials from all possible angles: from the ground, the drone and the rocket that is being tested for flying. They are installed at every stage of the camera, near the engines and under the head. The most amazing event happens inside the rocket, it turns out that the camera can be installed directly in the fuel tank.

On the ground and in the active flight stage, fuel and oxidizer are compressed against the lower walls of the tanks.

Initially this is due to the attraction of our planet, then the acceleration generated by the engines is supplemented by the acceleration of the free fall. However, in space, when the Earth's gravitational effect is diminishing and the engines are no longer working, liquids come under weightlessness.

If the rocket design ensures that the engines restart in subsequent parts of the trajectory, serious difficulties arise. Under these conditions, the oxidizer and fuel cannot flow uniformly into the pumping equipment. Usually, special small engines or guidance systems are used to "return" liquids to a location that provides the required small acceleration to a step or accelerator.

Sometimes there are special storage tanks with a small amount of fuel at the base of the construction.

Earlier it was reported that billionaire Ilson Musks is planning to launch a new heavy rocket into space.

The second launch of the American heavy-duty Falcon Heavy Missile can take place no earlier than March 7th. With reference to the analysis of the applications to the Federal Communications Commission and the US Federal Aviation Administration, Teslarati writes – site news about SpaceX and Tesla.

According to the source, Shatdaun's short-term closure in the United States allowed Ilona Mask to quickly obtain multiple FCC / FAA licenses, including permission for the next unmanned orbital station mission (CRS-17) in March and the release of commercial FH.

Recall, SpaceX has made a breakthrough in space, the future will affect every spectacular video.

As reported by Politeka, SpaceX will help people soon find mankind on asteroids.

Politek also wrote that SpaceX creates an incredible record.


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