Sunday , October 17 2021

I understand that this rating is not his own. It's "against everyone" / GORDON rating

Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov said that President of the Quartet's 95 studio president and artistic director Vladimir Zelensk likes the artist, but does not know Avakov as a politician.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov believes that the high ratings of Quarter's 95 studios, Vladimir Zelensk, Presidential candidate, and artistic director, point to "against all" and disappointment in society. Avakov said in an interview with, which was released on February 1.

Sonya Koshkina, editor-in-chief, asked: "Since a person who has been in politics for at least 15 years, do not hesitate to be one of the presidential race leaders?"

“Why does it understand me? I am an experienced person, I understand that this rating is not Vladimir Zelens personally. This rating is "against everyone". democracy, ”said Avakov.

Journalist Oleg Bazar said: "Usually, the rating" against all "is directed by a" national hero ".

"So this can be a human hero. Maybe not yours, not my hero, maybe not my friends, but someone turns out to be a hero because he has such support. Do you dislike this hero? And he is[[[[comedian, actor, blogger and politician] Beppe Grillo in Italy. He also likes someone, but someone can't stand him … Who told you that Zelensky will now hear some voices? He's just the road to Beppe Grillo. Maybe he will continue tomorrow. I like it as an artist, it's often funny, and sometimes not so much with such artists. And as a politician, I don't know him, ”the minister added.

Presidential elections in Ukraine are scheduled for March 31, 2019. Election campaign started December 31, 2018 As of February 1, CEC registered 28 presidential candidates.

According to a survey of the sociological group "Rating", which took place from 16 January to 25 January, 19% of respondents are ready to vote for Zelensky, who plans to go to the elections and decide on the candidate. Second place Batkivshchna parliamentary faction leader, Yulia Tymoshenko (18.2%), third current president Petro Poroshenko (15.1%).

According to a survey conducted by the SOCIS Center, the International Institute of Sociology of Kiev and the Razumkova Center, Zelensky runs a 23% rating from 16 to 19 January. In second place – Poroshenko (16.4%), in the third – Tymoshenko (15.7%).

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