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Fonseca: Castre's half hour has been said that Stirling's penalty shootout is ridiculous


Fonseca: Castre's break said Stirling's punishment is ridiculous


Laughter through tears.

Manchester City won "Shakhtar", winning six missed goals. One of them is a scandal penalty for Rahim Stirling diving.

After breaking the whistle, one of Fonseca's assistants leaned to the meeting judge Victor Kashshai for his decision to punish. In this race, the main trainer's attention was drawn after the game.

"It's not because we lost the game," said Fonseca at a post-match press conference. "What I now think of with the first penalty?" (Laughs) It's hard to talk about the penalty for such a result, but this penalty is ridiculous.

Cricket Stirling and Kashchei to death against Shakhtar

"What did I say to the Kashche break?" The same thing is a funny punishment. I do not try to justify myself, but it was funny. "

After four rounds, "Shakhtar" takes the last place in the F group, earning 2 points in the active.

The next game in the Champions League team Paulo Fonseca will play against Hoffenheim on November 27th.

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