Thursday , March 4 2021

Flaier received six years in prison for intimidating another cats

On November 8, a court in the Globinska District District of the Polobes District found the city of Sh. Guilty and sentenced under Art. Part 3 299 Ukrainian Criminal Code (Cruelty to Animals) to be sentenced to six years in prison. This is indicated in the court report.

During the hearing, it was found that a year ago, this citizen cut off two-thirds of his tail, one testicle and carried a cat for an earring.

"Man III, being at home at home, for the purpose of defrauding animals, as well as violating the moral principles of society in relation to animals, knowingly acting with particular cruelty, actively and without hooliganism, which is not determined by the object cut off by the nickname" Kiski "belonging to citizens A., 2/3 tail, one testicle and the left lever, and also caused an injury to the animal in the form of cut wounds in the cross zone "– said in a report.

As a result of cat's surgery, the cat received injuries that caused severe injuries.

Despite the fact that the citizen did not feel guilty, the court decision came into force, the report said.

As the "FACTS" said in Odessa, volunteers identified a robber who took chipmunks "in good hands" and then killed them with a five-year-old son.

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