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Efremov responded to the proposal to deprive him of his title "Treachery of the Father": Cinema: Culture: Lenta.ru


Russia's award-winning artist Mikhail Efremov responded to the proposal to release him from his name for critical statements about the political course of the country. FAN reports this.

"It's not my interest. For Drum Goodbye," the actor replied.

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00:09 July 4th

The proposal on the punishment of a member was nominated by a member of the expert council on the development of information society and the media of the State Council Vadim Manukyan. "If Yefremov's performances look like humor and satire inside Russia, then outside of it, especially in Ukraine, which declared Russia an aggressor country, the similar format of the performance, I'm sorry, already attracts the treachery of Viljandi," he said.

On Nov. 1, in an interview with Kiev's Novoye Vremya Efremov radio station, Russia said that Russia was "a mess of the emperor", adding that this country was not an "evil empire". In June, Efremov interviewed a video blogger Yuri Dudiu, in which he stated that the transfer of the Crimean bridge to Kiev would resolve the conflict with Ukraine. In the same interview, the actor complained about Russian excessive naivety and credulity.

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