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dollar on 27.93 UAH / USD increased purchases of non-residents who received hryvnia from the cancellation of government bonds / News /


The hryvnia exchange rate on the interbank foreign exchange market, which rose against the dollar at 5.88 kopecks on Wednesday, fell 2.97 kopecks on Thursday, reaching 27.92 UAH/ USD

We remind that the above figure is rather rough and based on the information that participants of the interbank market system completed the operation before 15:00 in Kiev, providing information NBU to calculate the official dollar rate. We will also look at the latter, pointing out that the dollar's 08th mid-day reference exchange rate, adding 3.29 kopecks, was 27.93 UAH/ USD

Session currency in the interbank segment started on November 8th from the previous price of 27.90 / 27.91 UAH/ USD virtually no deals.

Around 10.05, the lack of a situation on the interbank buyer market reduced the rate very short Hard currency to 27.86 / 27.88, and after 30 minutes the "American" that started the growth was already at 27.93 / 27.95 UAH/ USD

This increase was ensured by the purchase of non-residents' dollars, which, after repayment, received "hryvnia" Government bonds Ministry of Finance. The dollar was bought by Vikings who chose to repatriate Hard currencywhich comes from Ukrainian government securities as part of a global trend to leave Western investors from emerging markets.

Hryvnia redemption Government bonds This happened in the past, "dropping" up to 5.0 billion UAH in the liquidity market. This is confirmed by the increase in the balance of transit and correspondent accounts in the national currency NBU from 45,254.3 million UAH to a mark of 49.443.0 million UAH.

Part of this hryvnia came to the Ukrainian exporter, "freeing" him from the sale Hard currency for the hryvnia for current expenses.

Meanwhile, the price of some 11.15 dollars on the interbank market amounted to 27.93 / 27.95 UAH/ USD Growth Hard currency also contributed to the currency potential of "sellers".

Half an hour later, around noon, non-resident buyers unanimously left the interbank market, leaving sellers there Hard currencywhich with its "stickiness" began to "lose the course." The dollar, when changing its trend, started to adjust, is approximately 12.02 at the level of 27.91 / 27.93 UAH/ USD After 38 minutes, "american", along with the sale of assets to owners who lost their benefits Hard currency was already 27.90 / 27.92 and the lunch break was 27.90 / 27.91 UAH/ USD at about 13.50.

In fact, the main interbank market game was performed before. At 14:00, when the emptying market had a single purchase Hard currency raised the dollar price to 27.91 / 27.93 UAH/ USD

The next wave of interbank sales reduced the dollar by 15.25 to 27.89 / 27.92 UAH/ USD

These "American" price levels on the interbank market continued to run until the end of November 8th trading.

According to market participants, most transactions on the interbank market on Thursday were at a rate of 27.92 UAH/ USD

The dollar exchange rate on the interbank list:

Average exchange rate on the interbank market after closing down the market:
dollar United States – 27,920 / 27,950
Euro – 31 862/31 888
Russian ruble – 0.4202 / 0.4208

The euro / dollar currency pair on the international forex market has so far had the following quotation value of 1.1422 / 1.1423

Interbank Currency Exchange Rate
SMS– Transmission of interbank rates

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