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Cryptoclums on YouTube: Broker LH-Crypto has launched an unusual education project

The Crypto Clowns Scout Platform LH-Crypto launched YouTube video on Crypto Clowns Show (Cryptoclone Show) release video.

The project is aimed at novice cryptocurrency users and is designed to help them navigate a new topic. Channel lead clones Monroe and Cripsy. With a characteristic clown style they introduce viewers to the basic concepts of the cryptography industry.

Channel creators believe their education project will be required.

"Since 2017, the question of what is bitter is the top search quest in the search engines. The videos that are posted on the channel, lively and entertaining, respond to the most popular newcomers' questions." – they say.

The first show was Bitcoin, the second – Ethereum, the third – on growth principles and lower cryptographic prices. The fourth issue was dedicated to reviewing the kryptokars. The Bitcoin question was released in early November, and since then it has been viewed 93,000 times and 13,000 have subscribed to the channel.

Creates a video blogging kriptow fishing platform LH-Crypto. In February 2018 she raised $ 11 million in Tokenail. The platform itself was created by the traditional broker Larson & Holz.

We remind you that in June this year, IBM launched a 12-week online course on the use of blockados in India. The course became the first state-of-the-art register of technology in the country.

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