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We draw your attention to the announcement of the Bundesliga 11th duel between Borussia and Dortmund Bavaria.

The September 11th central game and the entire first half of the German Championship season will take place in Dortmund, where the leading "Borussia" in Bavaria will take 4 points.

Borussia D – Bavaria

Saturday, November 10, at noon 19:30 Dortmund, Signal Iduna Park

Unmatched rivals in the next Der Klassiker blend with each other, which promises to be bright and filled with intrigue this year.

After the first 10 rounds of the Bundesliga, Borussia looks just great. The company, led by Lucien Favre in the summer, for the first time found a balance in all positions and the debt sustainability that it lacked in recent years. Nico Kovac's arrival at Bavaria's main trainer, meanwhile, does not yield expected results in Munich. In the German championship, a very good start from four wins interrupted Rotten, first playing Augsburg (1: 1), then losing Hertha (0: 2) and Menhengeldbach Borussia (0: 3). In the Bavarian account, after two consecutive wins, the final round of the Bundesliga was pulled out by Freiburg, which showed that the people of Munich are far from full exit from the minicrisy.

As for Borussia, this season the team is still unbeatable, winning 7 wins and 3 wins that allow Dortmund to lead the championship. Will they be able to wipe the champion this season – it shows the game with Bavaria, where both teams will have not only the most important tournament, but also psychological significance. In the case of Borussia, the winner of Der Klassiker is the opportunity to gain additional assurance and confirm his ambition to win the tournament. In the case of Bavaria, the triumph plays with the rival and the main opponent has the opportunity to leave all the problems, stop the black line and return to the victorious path.

Each team has its own strengths. When it comes to Borussia, it's impossible to mention her racket attack, which has already won 30 goals in the current Bundesliga draw – an average of 3 goals per game. Paco Alcácer stands out in front of the "Kumonis" in a special way that did not go to Barcelona, ​​but arrived in Dortmund. In front of Spain, whose bombardment talent fell into the lethargic sleep in the capital of Catalonia, a new way was opened in Signal Iduna Park. In 5 games where he still had the opportunity to play, Paco was already marked with 7 goals, which he is one of the main threats to Bavaria in the next fight. Also worth noting is that Dortmund Marco Royce is a traditionally useful and productive leader with 6 goals and 5 assists in 10 games, and the new English talent Jadeon Sancho, who scored 4 goals in the first 10 rounds and 6 assistants.

In Bavaria, the situation in the attack this season is much worse. If "Borussia" has already won 30 goals in the national championship, then Munich managed to reach the opponent's goal only 18 times. The team's best goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski is still showing decent statistics (5 goals and 3 assistants), while the other attackers in Ribury, Muller and Hames do not show up. Arjen Robben is still at a high level, but the Dutchman may be launching a match against Borussia due to another injury.

It should be noted that Dortmund not only significantly exceeds Bavaria's goal in the season this season, but they can boast of a somewhat more secure defense (10 gates were awarded 11th in Munich).

In the next game, the main champion of Germany's current champion will be an experience and a kind of "class" in which players "ruined" still have more than an opponent. Borussia is very important in not burning out and showing his corporate football, then she can quite wait for a win. One thing is safe – the result of the last fight between these teams will not happen exactly – 0: 6, the current Dortmund from this Bayern will not give way.

Chapters Niko Kovac will definitely try to play correctly and suppress the attacker's impulses, taking control of the ball and a little drying the game. How much will depend on how effective Borussia will be able to exert pressure and how it will carry out counterattacks. If Favre's accusations completely give the initiative to the opponent and try to close – you should not expect a good result.

In general, it's quite difficult to predict the course of the game between Dortmund and Munich, which is so different from last year's model. The current "Borussia" likes to control the ball and build positive attacks, since the "gummers" themselves can try to play the first number, although in contrast to Bavaria it's still hard to believe a ball to control their superiority.

With regard to the staff situation, Borussia is in a much better position here. The team will definitely not be able to help Marcel Schmelzer with the trauma, but the Roma Bürki and Abdu Diallo also have minor health problems, but they will most likely be able to play.

In Bavaria, losses are more significant. In the application, Kingsley Coman, Corenten Tolisso and Thiago Alcantara will not be shown directly – all three are seriously damaged. Arjen Robben continues to heal injuries, and his participation in the match is a big issue.

Indicative compositions:

Borussia: Bükki – Pischek, Akanji, Zagada, Ashraf – Vitsela, Delaneya – Sancho, Reuss, Guerreiro-Alkacer

Bavaria: Neuer – Kimmich, Zule, Hummels, Alaba – Muller, Martinez, Hames – Gnabry, Ribery, Lewandowski

Will not play: Schmelzer – Coman, Tolisso, Alcantara

Doubt: Bürki, Diallo – Robben

Interesting facts:

– Bavaria has a significant historic advantage in the battle with Borussia. Of the 120 mourning in favor of Munich, 58 ended, but Dortmund celebrated a victory 32 times. Another 30 times it was down to do.

– In the last eight races Bayern has lost only once. Two more meetings ended with a draw, and in five battles, "rotten" won.

– Last March this year, Frankfurt Ribery won Bavaria. It happened just in a fight that won Borussia in Munich with a score of 6: 0.

– All 81,320 tickets for the game are sold. It is anticipated that the Iduna Park signal will be sold out. Games will also be featured on television channels in more than 200 countries around the world.

– In the last 8 Borussia home competitions 3 or more gates were obtained.

– In the last 6 races against Borussia, Bavaria has won at least twice.

football Forecast 3: 2

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