Tuesday , March 2 2021

Android 10 comes with a feature that lets you run multiple applications at the same time.

The Android operating system has had different forms of multitasking since ancient times, but with the release of the Android Nougat version it was more rational and more rigorous with three separate multi-window modes: Split-screen, Freeform and Picture-in-Picture Android Oreo).

But the Split-screen mode that appeared on Android just a while ago remains one big constraint. It allows you to split the screen into equal parts to run two different programs at the same time, but you can only work with one of the applications.

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That is, if at the same time running two different third-party programs, after the transition to one of them, the other is paused. But it will soon change. Future smartphones will help to change it.

Developer community XDA Developers wrote that the next Android OS Q version (Android 10) will feature Multi-resume, which will eventually provide the ability to work simultaneously with two or even three applications running in multiple windows.

Google is already launching and working in real-time for multiple applications simultaneously on Pixel smartphones. In addition, Samsung offers similar functionality to its latest models, using a special MultiStar module in Good Lock. But by releasing Android 10, this functionality will become the standard and will be distributed to more models of smartphones. In addition, there will be more third-party applications that support this mode of operation.

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