Thursday , February 25 2021

Amazon has chosen its new headquarters / News /

Amazon today names two American cities where it plans to deploy its new headquarters.

The sources of The Wall Street Journal reported this.

According to sources, the Amazon's choice fell to New York's Long Island City and Crystal City area in Arlington, Virginia, and both are located near major metropolitan areas – New York and Washington DC.

Long Island City is the largest New York area now since more than 16,000 new residential buildings have been built since 2006.

And in Crystal City, the office and residential area of ​​the 60s, is the second house from the head of the Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Amazon began to look for new staff in September 2017. Initially, 238 cities were considered. In January this year, the company announced a list of 20 cities that have reached the final place.

A week ago, Amazon announced that it will split the new headquarters and it will be located in two cities, since it will be easier to hire a sufficient number of skilled workers. Thus, in each of the new headquarters, 25 thousand people will work.

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