Wednesday , January 19 2022

"Women without Features" … Jordan's Exhibition at the Arab Theater Festival in Cairo



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Jordanian director Iyad Shatanaoui will perform at the Arab Theater Festival in Cairo with a new exhibition "Women without Profiles".

The new "Ladies Without Profiles" exhibition offers three models of pregnant women in a basement with a turtle that tortures them with a whip, and is suppressed by oppression and humiliation because of the punishment for pregnancy, and the escalation of events begins with the clarity of each.

She added that the first is a young girl, made by her favorite Sokra al-Gharam, and the second is a night girl taken by a revolutionary who met her overnight at a police station, the third being a woman who was in a state of oppression with her husband and all of her. the fault she wore without his will.

The soldier continues to manipulate women, including all forms of women's social, political, religious and moral domination, and at one point they exchange their wives in exchange for freedom, but women refuse to point out tomorrow's hope and the birth of new generations capable of changing.

The events take place on the stage, with deliberate blindness that reflects the bottom of the three women and their poor health, but the lighting is limited to three light points dominated by women, so narration is the biggest player in 60 minutes.

A show by Arig Dababneh, Rana Thalji, Talaouba and Ali Alian is a text by Iraqi author Abdul Amir Shamki.

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