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Turk Al-Sheikh gets the title of the best Gulf poet


Turkish Al-Sheikh receives the title of the best Gulf poet – News Agency News Information Turki Al-Sheikh receives the title of the best Gulf poet:

Friday, February 1, 2019 Source in Kulata MBC FM, a subsidiary of MBC Saudi Arabia, has unveiled a selection of the best singers, poets and composers in the Arab world last year.

The radio has been chosen by Turks Al-Sheikh, the Advocate of the Court of Saudi King, Head of the General Entertainment Authority, as the best poet in the Gulf region in 2018.

Al-Sheikh won the Best Poetry Award in the Arab World last year in the referendum of the Deir Geist magazine for 2018, which was superior to many poetry stars and the Egyptian flag Ayman Bahgat Qamar.

Al-Sheikh has recently created successful duets with many singers, including Amr Diab, in their own words, especially The Whale Tower, which resonated with Hadaba and Omar Mustafa's "Bahabak Ana" audience.

Egyptian star Amr Diab also won the title of the best Arab album, as well as the best Arab singer Kazem El Seahir.

In 2018, the Lebanese singer Elissa was named the best singer in the Arab world.

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