Thursday , August 11 2022

To protect your smartphone


Berlin – Harmony:

The German Telecommunications and Information Technology Association (Bitkom) warned that public USB chargers, which are usually available in buses, cafes or airports, could pose a risk if they are used for charging smartphones and tablets.

Hackers will be able to access data stored on mobile devices by manipulating a USB plug or power source, and users may be able to leak out malware and malicious code.

In order to avoid these risks, German experts recommend using a USB cable or intermediate plug, which does not transmit data, but only limits the power consumption.

Modern smartphones usually find out when connecting to a USB port, or data will be transferred to the power supply side. In case of doubt, the user should only indicate the power supply function.

To maintain data security, experts recommend using a special charger and plug it into the normal mains socket.

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