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To hold the 14th Arab Media Committee meeting in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will hold the 14th meeting of the Arab Media Committee at the Al Maidan Hotel in Dubai, which will be hosted by the General Secretariat of the Arab League from 29 April to 1 May 2019. Arab Manufacturers Association, one of the organizations operating under the umbrella of the Arab League.

During the meeting, a discussion will be held on the dangers of electronic games requiring violence and terrorism and their impact on the security of the Arab community, to be organized in cooperation with the Watani Emirates Foundation, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Dubai e-Security Center. Executive Council of Arab Information Ministers at their current session in Riyadh.

Fawzi Al-Ghweil, Arab League League Minister and Director of the Arab Information Ministers Council Technical Office said: The Arab League League and the Arab Information Technology Committee are one of the committees operating within the tools of the Technical Secretariat of the Arab Information Ministry Council. What was characteristic of the use of electronic games, particularly when calling for violence, was to take practical and serious steps in this context, and it was considered that this seminar would take place in response to this trend and as a first step and a practical solution to address this phenomenon. We believe it is very important for us to work to protect the values ​​of society and harm our Arab youth.

Al-Ghwail added that the university was looking for practical ways to limit its spread and maintain public safety and security.

Al-Ghwail stressed the importance of addressing this issue, which requires the participation of all competent authorities, psychologists, sociology and education professionals and cooperation with the competent Arab security authorities, in addition to the key role of family and society in monitoring and leadership, the role of their respective roles.

At the meeting and events, Al-Ghawail added that these meetings attested to the role of organizations and associations working within the Arab League and to their effective and distinct contribution to the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Arab Council of Information Ministers and the Executive Agency.

In turn, Director Al Falasi, Director of Watani Foundation UAE, said: "We are delighted that we have chosen the UAE represented by the Dubai Emirate to take on this important Arab event and coordinate the Arab Arab Federation."

He emphasized the importance of this activity, which depends on the joint and fundamental topics not only related to electronic games, but related to the social institution, whether it is related to public security, which is the core of society, or to other social institutions to protect young people, values ​​and personality and behavior, and thus the future.

At the end of his announcement, Al-Bahl thanked the General Arab Federation for this initiative, which was approved by the Executive Bureau at its last session in Riyadh to organize and organize a number of events, including the 14th Information Committee and Seminar. Choosing Cameras in the UAE, which is a processing and logistical organization that organizes this event.


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