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The ultimate goal is to keep Tottenham's hopes for the last 16 years

Author Martin Herman

LONDON (Reuters) – Christian Eriksen hold Tottenham Hotspur hopes to qualify for the last 16 league championships when he eventually managed to lead his side to a 1-0 win between Inter at Wembley on Wednesday.


Inter, who needed one point to reach the demolition stage of Tottenham, had to stop after 80 minutes after Moussa Sissoko's excellent work.

In the second team, the London club won seven points in second place, which was equal to the Italian side, while Tottenham's opponent outperformed a direct confrontation.

Coach Mauricio Bucetino team completes a return that would not have been possible if they won the Barcelona leader in their last match at the forthcoming Nou Camp or at least came out with a similar result to Inter against PSV Eindhoven.

Eriksson and Sun Hyung-min, who struck Chelsea 3-1 on Saturday, sat on the bench, and their late participation was decisive.

But the French midfielder Sissoko, who was not modest since transferring £ 30m ($ 38.48m) in August 2016, was the key to ending the Italian team's defenses.

When the finals ended, Tottenham went to the penalty area and sent a transverse direction to Dili Alea, who showed an outstanding look with the exit of Ersken, who hit Samir Handanovic.

"Our goal was to win, and our next opponent is Barcelona," Eriksson said, "it will be a difficult but enjoyable task and we know what we are playing."

"Today, Inter Milan defended, we knew that getting points would be better than winning, and playing with the Italian teams, you do not have many opportunities," he added. "Fortunately I use my chances and keep my network."

The Champions League's best moments in the Tottenham Group faced Italian teams, especially after their first outcome in 2010-2011. In the season, when they move to the quarter finals, they beat home at Inter Milan and Milan San Siro.

But the same teams have unsatisfactory moments, especially when Juventus dropped 2-1 at home when it could not reach a quarter.

In the first game, the season is a 1-0 winner in Inter's first game, before Mauro Icard and Mathias Vicino cut the net to lose the London team and start a return attempt.

Harry Kane scored two goals against PSV Eindhoven to give Tottenham his first victory in the group to restore his expectations in his hands, but the victory over Inter made him all the control.

* Delayed intervention

Tottenham dominated the first half and threw the goal over the goal, saving Inter manager Lucas Mora shot and then resigned from Cescoco and Harry Winx by flipping over the goal.

Internazionale also had options, but replacing Borja Valero wasted the best after a brief injury to Radja Naingolan, but Tottenham was fortunate not sending Eric Lamela after reckless interference with Marcelo Prozovic.

Tottenham fired a shot from the left and probably the home side's goalkeeper. The referee showed Jan Freton's Eriksson the yellow card after a mistimed challenge from behind 75 minutes into the game.

Defender Hugo Lauris saved the opportunity from the Croatian striker Ivan Prisic before Eriksen shook the net to prepare the road for what seemed to be a night of remembrance of Barcelona.

"It will be a tough game, but we believe we can win," said Pocetino.


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