Wednesday , March 3 2021

The UAE is capable of managing world economic trends

"The UAE is capable of managing the regional and global economic trends and creating a vision for the future with a view to moving forward new trade based on new technologies and systems," said the speakers at the special strategic meetings held at the annual World Summit for the Future of 2018.

Arancha Gonzalez Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director of the United Nations International Trade Center (ITC), said that the UAE has great benefits in terms of future preparedness by directly investing in skills, education, logistics and economic and resource sustainability. Accept best practices – the leading brand that belongs to the UAE as well as other countries.

It identified four challenges facing the future of world trade and called for common international legislation to be regulated, including geopolitical factors that directly affect economic decisions and determine which economic partners can be addressed. The second task is the digital economy, 12% of world trade.

Gonzales said the UAE has succeeded in setting the digital divide for domestic trade and creating value chains that connect it to world markets, thereby making it more responsive to the new digital changes, adding that the third challenge is the existence of new trade routes in the world.

And that countries should draw up a special roadmap for each of them, hoping that future trade routes through the Arctic Ocean, indicating that the country's location makes it a regional trading center, because it through the ways of world trade contributes to strengthening its economy, but the last problem is Trying to adopt sustainability standards in trade, as consumers are more aware of the need for a sustainable economy in the future.

Dr Thomas Hill, professor of public policy at Plattan's School in Oxford, said that the steady development of world trade has led to significant development of international treaties and the number of international trade organizations that contribute to global economic governance through multi-polar geopolitical changes.

He stressed that geopolitical challenges could weaken the influence and support of key international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, pointing out that these challenges need to be dealt with together in order to resolve disputes peacefully through global decision-making models that will help address the current challenges. problems such as health care. The environment.

Dr. Smita Dutta, professor of management and dean of Cornell College, said: "The UAE has successfully adopted the new innovation systems, making it a global center for driving and brainstorming. It has adopted new Block Qin curriculums, Focus on Artificial Intelligence Systems and manage the first entry Artificial Intelligence Minister is a trademark that characterizes a country that must be preserved and mark its success.

He added that the global theories governing innovation have radically changed, becoming a general concept that everyone can participate rather than being an exclusive area for a particular group that helps change our outlook and invest in people's skills.

Professor of Materials and Engineering Technologies at the Michaels and Sonya Kerner Foundation said future consumer models will change based on new economic changes based on modern manufacturing technologies, in particular the three-dimensional printing adopted by the UAE as a strategy for the future. Creating new business centers focused on young consumers who work on these samples.

She explained that consumers are focusing their choices on the sustainability of their production, so they receive several products from one supplier so that they do not adversely affect the environment.

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