Friday , June 2 2023

The Minister for Agriculture receives a report on the visit of the delegation of the UAE in the field of food security


Dr Ezzeddin Abu Setit, Minister of Agriculture and Drainage, received a report from the head of the quarantine headquarters Dr. Ahmed Al-Attar on visiting the Dubai Food Authority in the Department of Food Management to discuss the food control initiative from the source. UAE

Abu Sith expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Quarantine Central Administration to help increase agricultural exports to the benefit of the national economy and called for greater efforts to open up new markets for Egyptian products.

Attar said the Delegation of the Food and Drug Administration of the Dubai Municipality visited the quarantine central administration in the presence of Dr Hussein Mansour, head of the Egyptian Food Safety Authority, on the quarantine role and mechanisms used to test Egyptian fresh vegetables and fruits exported to the UAE.

He added that he provided the members of the UAE delegation with a detailed explanation of the role of quarantine in the Egyptian export inspection and follow-up system and the implementation of agricultural quarantine obligations with regard to the decisions, rules and mechanisms for agricultural, gas station and center accreditation and consolidation systems to ensure good agricultural practices applying the practice, placing more emphasis on laboratory analysis, Any farm in this system is approved and manufactured, except when quarantine inspectors have withdrawn a representative sample of the holding and are certified and shipped to the Central Pesticide Residue Laboratory, as well as the process of issuing agricultural certificates. Pesticide residues with consignments, which are exported to the UAE.

Dr Assam Al-Hashemi, Head of Food Control Department in Dubai, underlined that the Egyptian side is committed to implementing the sanitary and phytosanitary requirements of the UAE and welcomed the role of Egyptian agricultural quarantine in the export control system.

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